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The part of me I usually don't let out.

December 2018

I know I haven't posted any #r21 things since forever.... And that's because girl here hasn't had action in forever 🙃 Just me and my hand here all the time :')Recently started seeing this guy who's completely evergreen. Like, you think the Amazon is green, but that has nothing on this guy. He's never had his first... Anything. And he's in his mid-20s 🙃And I recently stole his first kiss 😈

November 2018

Had this conversation with a friend on the way home one day.She's just beginning to see a guy - who she met through Tinder - a decade her senior and everything about him just screams sugar daddy to me.✅ Rich well-accomplished businessman, in his 30s but still single✅ Dinners at expensive fine-dining restaurants✅ Driving some continental carAll our other friends encouraged her to keep meeting him because this was apparently a "real man", a gentleman at that, and not some little boy.Uhm.

Over supper, a fourth group of friends just asked me why I haven't considered dating that lumbering giant.

October 2018

Hey you, you lumbering giant and big burden,Sometimes I wonder if you really know how much I worry about you. You, with that charming megawatt smile that disperses most people's uneasiness, but can't entirely fool me."Don't worry lah," you'll always try to brush me off, but how can I not when I know how much you're struggling with insecurity and the weight of family responsibility? You're dealing with so much at your age that no one should ever have to deal with.

Was out with a friend today and she realised how... close(?) I am with my ride-or-die (the dumb fuck with the itchy backside who started that fwb r/'s with the gold digger from @thedarkerside:140618) who's a mutual friend.She said she hadn't known that we text on a daily basis and thought it was oddly intimate that we did, even though most part of our conversations involved ranting about our day and how our lives sucked.

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The first time I'd received such a notification, and it had to be a reminder of you.A year ago, I remember you spending the entire day of your birthday working. You only texted me when work ended past midnight, first dropping the news that you'd gotten your hand injured, and then telling me it'd actually been your birthday.The latter I already knew, with some good old Google stalking skills because you'd been reluctant to tell me when I first asked, but I played along.

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