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lost normal mails?

Not having the best of lucks these days 😂

When customers like to take it onto the social media

Especially when they have xxK followers.

It’s really not that we don’t want to help. We even sent an image of the package dispatched.

But we were asked to send a video image of the item being dispatched.

But we don’t take videos of the normal packages sent out.

We simply don’t and can’t.

We have limited resources, providing reasonable swimwear and beachwear ( we think it’s reasonable la $20-$30+ ).

We do not have the capacity to do that for normal mail.

She posted a poll on her IG for comments.

I’m interesting to know what can be done as well.

We have tried checking with singpost and they simply don’t take responsibility because there is no tracking number.

How about you ladies?

Able to share with us what do you do when you shop online but your normal packages don’t reach you?

We even highlighted it in the check out page that we do not recommend it.

But we had to put up the option as previously when we removed it, we had a couple of write ins asking why there isn’t any normal mail option.

Always tough doing business.

Can’t satisfy everyone 😂

We are not shaming anyone here. We just want to know because it’s unfair if we have to be penalized when orders are carted our via normal mail and they don’t receive it?

It seems like the only solution for us is to take away the normal mail option and only allow the smartpac or courier method to prevent such cases again?

Very successful online stores like Love Bonito or some others can afford that but we can’t

It seems like the only way out would be to raise the price to include the smartpac and courier charges within the swimwear.

But we didn’t want to do it because If say the customer buys 3 swimwear, she will be paying 3x the courier price ( whether it’s subsidized or not)

Genuinely asking for feedback/ opinion here so we can also improve the shopping experience at our store

Thank you! ❤️🙏

#dayreshopping #dayreshopaholic

Anyways on happier notes, yay another happy influencer, Nicole Changmin with our popular Tiffany foliage monokini 🍃

And Audrey in the polka dot bandeau in tangerine!

This set is super popular cos it’s adjustable at the top and bottom! 💯

Meet ah mong


A robot vacuum cleaner for the house.

We are like 3 years late after everyone has been hopping onto the bandwagon and buying the robots 😂

Well I initially didn’t wanna get it but the husband wanted to.

So he did his own Taobao research and comparison!

Meet ah mong (or Silly in Cantonese) 😂

Because sometimes it knocks into things even tho it has a sensor? But sometimes it doesn’t!

It’s from xiaomi and also, the only reason I agreed to buy it considering our house is so small alr

Is that it has a

Mopping function!

The husband loves ah mong because of its zig zag organized sweeping motion 😍



Because we already invested in a Dyson, I felt like why still wanna pay another few hundred bucks for another vacuum cleaner (sorta).

But ok, it has mopping function which dyson doesn’t have.

So alright. I gave in.

Don’t know how long ah mong will last.

But bought it for $200ish during the 11/11. So I guess it’s reasonable enough to justify the buy!

#dayrehome #taobao

Here’s the link if anyone wants

【ILIFE智意X660扫地机器人家用全自动智能吸尘器擦地拖地一体】https://m.tb.cn/h.3Hkeq9i?sm=578fba 点击链接,再选择浏览器咑閞;或復·åˆ¶è¿™æ®µæè¿°ï¿¥xW5ibrkvsYc¥后到👉淘♂寳♀👈

Day 16

Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

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mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll If my normal postage packages don't reach me, I will sulk and curse singpost cus it is definitely their fault and will never opt for normal postage again. If I can spend $30 on a swim wear, I wouldn't mind topping up additional $2-3 for postage with tracking. Anyway these days couriers are very affordable because it is so competitive! I guess this is also why some shops remove normal postage to save themselves from unnecessary trouble.

1 month ago

mellllllllll (avatar)

mellllllllll And of cus singpost will say they never see the parcel la cus normal postage is not trackable what. Everything comes with a price tag. Want to track then pay money. 😅

1 month ago

cherriwong (avatar)

cherriwong Just remove the normal postage option. If they have no choice they will just have to accept it. Customers will get used to it with time. Dun let them suay you. You need to protect yourself & ur business!

1 month ago

geminidoc (avatar)

geminidoc Normal mail means the buyer must be able to take the risk to take the responsibility lor. I dont think seller will need to compensate any either. Although im usually the buyer and not the seller.

1 month ago

SJtots (avatar)

SJtots Agree to just remove the normal postage option. Customers need to understand that once the parcel is shipped, it’s under the control of the courier company & not the business. Even with smartpac/courier, the business can only help with giving tracking reference and at most pix of the package. The rest lies in the hands of courier co.

1 month ago

thedancingjewels (avatar)

thedancingjewels @mellllllllll yes when I shop online I also opt for courier mail 😂 courier companies offer usually about $5.35 for each pick up. It’s hard to find more affordable ones and those more affordable ones can’t seem to sustain over time. They eventually close the business 😭

We experienced that twice before. We are currently trying a new one with better pricing and we have lowered the courier charges a little. Need to monitor it longer to see if it’s workable!

1 month ago

thedancingjewels (avatar)

thedancingjewels @cherriwong Wanted to remove! But we have swimwear padding at $3 which is quite popular. And hard to increase that price to include courier 😂 will lose money 🙊😂have to find a way to separate swimwear and the rest!

1 month ago

thedancingjewels (avatar)

thedancingjewels @geminidoc thanks for sharing! 💕 yea, we also put a note at the cart out page where the customers choose the dispatch method in case there are first time buyers who don’t know the risk of normal mails!

We put

Normal Mail ( no tracking number) TDJ is not responsible for lost packages


Do you mind sharing if you usually opt for normal mail or courier when you shop online?❤️

1 month ago

thedancingjewels (avatar)

thedancingjewels @SJtots Seems like the safest option! We wanted to remove! But we have swimwear paddings at $3 which is quite popular. And it’s hard to increase that price to include courier 😂 we will lose money 🙊😂

The couriers delivery are usually more reliable than singpost so far! It’s usually more of how to find an affordable courier provided which we are in the midst of trying one! Hope it works out! 💪🏻💫

1 month ago

LifeOfElle (avatar)

LifeOfElle its totally fine if normal mails went missing during high season, they usually either send back to the return mail address or u just have to wait lor.... i mean we all know normal mail tend to get lost 😐😑 even i know the risk... mine is different case, i bought stuff witgh $10 courier, seller gave me an invalid tracking number frm Ninjavan and it never reached me after 3 wks. This kind of scenario if get angry is more logical la. pay $10 wait more than 3 wks 😡 urgh

1 month ago

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