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What stress does to me 😭

Couldn’t stop sneezing the whole of yesterday.

From afternoon to evening non stop 😫

Chanced upon this yoga flow series and shared it on the store Instagram story.

Updated it in the Self-love Instagram story to serve as a gentle reminder to remember to love yourself, whether it’s to myself or anyone who sees the highlight ❤️

Sometimes we are too caught up with life, setting demanding standards for ourselves that we can’t meet and bashing ourselves up for the failure.

Sometimes I do that too. But I’m changing and I want to remember to maintain the mindset


Chanced upon this poached pear recipe that’s good for cough! 🍐

Papa still has a very bad cough despite 1 month after his lung surgery.

Went to the poly clinic, bought medicine from guardian, tried Chinese medical halls cough powder but to no avail.

Went to the follow up after the surgery that day and requested for cough medicine from the hospital.

The doctor doesn’t know why. Apart from having water in his lungs which doc say will heal in its own.

Booked a CT scan to see what’s wrong.

Really hope everything will go well.

Always breaks my heart to remember that he went under the knife 3 times already.

2 major operation and 1 small operation 💔

Spending more time with him so he won’t think so much

There’s the boiled and steamed version but I’m going for the steam one.

Cos the pear looks so pretty in a complete piece! 🍐 🙊

And it doesn’t seem too difficult right?

Can’t go wrong! Just steam it right? 😂

Oh god. Her pear 🍐 looks so perfectly cut above but mine is just



It’s not that simple to cut out the internal core so there’s a hollow to put the rock sugar.

Some sides of the pear got broken by me 😂😫

Maybe I’ll try using chopsticks to dig out the rest of the core nx time. Used spoon for one, and the back of the spoon for the other. And a knife for a third one 🔪

The back of the spoon worked well for 1 pear but not the other

Added rock sugar.

No wolfberries as papa is trying chemotherapy, the drip and injection type.

I will not allow him to go under the radiation. Poor mama did chemotherapy radiation when she had cancer and the side effects were terrible.

I was in lower secondary then and accompanied her for the chemo sessions.

This other kid was crying in another room but when I asked her if it hurts she say it didn’t. But my aunt said it hurts. She didn’t want me to worry that’s why she said it doesn’t 😔

I don’t want dad to go through the pain especially when he is 70 years old.

Really hope the cancer won’t come back and he will be happy and healthy ❤️

New year new sale!

15% off $50!

Valid storewide!
Ends 11/1!

Go go! ❤️

Day 10

Thursday, 10 Jan 2019

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