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It’s 2019!

Christmas and new year

Happy 2019!

Realized I haven’t been updating dayre for so long.

It’s just, me being lazy haha. So easier to just read and follow other people’s posting πŸ™Š

Simple korean fusion dinner on New year’s day.

Really really love the cucumber kimchi. So easy to make and so good!

And also forcing myself to eat more broccoli this year! πŸ₯¦

Made a huge jar for my cousins to bring back the other day.

Their level of obsession for the cucumber kimchi is more intense than I thought!

They apparently finished everything in less than 2 weeks? While I only ate once πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‚

All in the mood of Christmas πŸŽ„

Nothing better than to spend christmas with your new ones.

This year with my baby nephew as a member to the family 😍

Favourite self love quote this 2019 πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Crabtree and Evelyn sales!

Went Crabtree and Evelyn during the closing down sales!

They have pretty good sales!

Went last weekend and it’s alr this crowded. Passed by today and they are already regulating the queues!
The queue snakes all the way behind, beyond the DBS atms and right to the entrance of the Taka departmental store entrance!

I bought this!

Love to pamper myself with a nice hot bath and enjoy the scent. It’s really very therapeutic 😌πŸ₯°

And also play some music in the bathroom πŸ™Š

And sometimes sing and dance along πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

All the crowddd

Random updates

Bought grapefruits and juiced it with lime!

It turned out surprisingly refreshing!

Dad bought limes and washed them with baking soda and was telling me how clean and nice they looked.

And asked if I wanna bring some home.

And I did!

New juice combination πŸ’«

This new Tassle Pom Pom clutch came!

Love everything extra with Tassles and Pom Poms

Keeps me in the holiday mood πŸ₯³

No such thing as too much Poms Poms πŸ™Š

Being extra over the weekend and bringing the beach vibes out.

Loving the oversized Pom Poms on the sliders!

Finally got our hands on the pretty half moon beach clutches and glued on the blue Tassles, similar to the Phuket beach bag!

Tong Heng egg tarts for the husband’s grandma!

He always complains how it used to be $0.90 but it’s $1.90 now πŸ˜‚

Bloody thumb today 😭😒

Tried to push out the dried up glue from the scissors blade using the thumb ( like how I usually do) after I finished the Pom Pom threads.

But somehow this time the glue hadn’t completely hardened and my hard pressed thumb went straight into the edges of the scissors 😭😭

And it’s a pretty brand new scissors and is super sharp.

Almost cried out in pain πŸ˜”

Immediately stuffed the thumb into my mouth to stop the blood from gushing out. The image is round 2 of the bleeding

Sharing more shots of the models that I’m super pleased with and can’t wait to share them on IG!

This 2019 I shall be more discipline and stick to my planned posting.

Yes I keep a schedule specially to plan IG posts and stories so I won’t miss out the photos cos I always do somehow forget here and there 😭 because too many of the same sets at once can be boring and we have to space them out or make sure it goes with the top bottom left right’s photo

#dayretravel #dayrebeach

An apple a day keeps the doctor away 🍎


Totally nailing the shot with the fairy lights behind.

But it was towards the evening time and the crowd starting streaming in 😭😭

Love her so so so much! ❀️

We are engaging her for one more lookbook before she goes back to Russia! πŸ“·

Chase your dreams! πŸ’«

Anything Tassles = ❀️❀️❀️

Have been holding off the photos for this set for so long.

It’s finally launching this weekend! Yayyy!


Going through the photos make all the hard work worth it ❀️

Day 4

Friday, 4 Jan 2019

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sharonpsm (avatar)

sharonpsm will you be coming out with rashguard top swim suit?

1 month ago

thedancingjewels (avatar)

thedancingjewels @sharonpsm Hello, we already have rashguard top swimwear designs in store. You can click the Rashguard tab under swimwear to browse the designs. We currently have about 7 designs and would continue to expand the series (:

1 month ago

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