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The Perfect Fit

We all love the convenience of online shopping – being able to shop at your own free time, 24/7, no need to jostle amidst the crowd to make your purchase and it happens all within the comfort of your own environment.

But of course, there are certain compromises that come along with online shopping.
One of the most prominent one has got to be –

Getting the perfect fit

Online shopping often requires keen fingers and sharp eyes as we discussed over @theclosetlover:230217.

But how do you get the perfect fit?

If you hesitated a little or have absolutely no clue, read on because we are sharing our know-hows for a precise measurements guide!

Just to show how seriously we take our measurements, this is a snapshot of the notes taken down by one of our logistic team members when she was learning the ropes for doing measurements!

Without further ado, let’s get started!
There are different apparel types but here are the main categories:


For all tops, one of the key measurements to take note of is the PTP measurements. If you're not sure what we mean with the abbreviation, PTP refers to pit to pit, which basically means point of one pit to the other! ☺

All our measurements displayed on our website are done with the item laid FLAT.

This means on a flat surface, with the apparel laid out straight!

The waist portion of the apparel is essentially

the smallest portion of the apparel

If you are wondering why some of our apparels’ measurements do not have the waist or hips measurements available, it is because it is a loose-fitting piece which does not have any form of waist definition!

Hence, that measurement is omitted!

Hips measurements

A tricky one we’d say!
For us, all our hips measurements for all apparels, be it dresses, shorts, pants or skirts are done

8” below the waist

Yes, this is how we do it!
8” down from the waist and straight across!

And yes, we do require 2 measuring tapes, 2 pairs of hands to get those measurements right. 🙈

In the event that it is more fitting dress with no defined waist band, we take the hips area to be 24” down from the inner shoulder.

So 24” down and straight across, that’s where we will get the hips measurements for the piece! ✔️

As for bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts), waist measurements are done with the apparel laid flat as well!

Remember: hips measurements are all done 8” down from the waist, straight across!

As for the rise measurements, it is done from the waist area straight down to the crotch area!

As for the length of apparels, we know that there are many ways that it can be done!

But here at TCL, we standardize our measurements to be done from the inner shoulder, straight down!

Just like this! 👌🏼

Some questions that you may have:

1) Why do some measurements have a variation while some don’t?

We provide measurements as a gauge for all you ladies to get your perfect fit so we do take into consideration the material of the apparel!

Certain materials such as neoprene, knit and cotton allow for the apparel to have some stretch while some others such as chiffon do not. 🙅🏻

For items with stretch, they typically allow for more allowance hence the measurements may appear to be smaller. For chiffon fabrics, they do not have any stretch hence measurements will be amended accordingly and they tend to look bigger.

All these are taken into consideration before items go into production!

2) Why do some apparels’ measurements differ when they are the same design, just different colours?

It is usually because items are mass produced and sometimes, different colours of the same product may have slight differences! It could also be due to the manufacturing process of some fabrics, for example denims.

Denims tend to stretch/expand during the manufacturing process and that makes it hard to have a consistent measurement, unfortunately. 😢

3) How is it that the denim piece I received from a backorder batch differs in measurements from the original batch?

Ahhh, denim is one tricky material we work with!
Every denim apparel must go through the procedure called 洗水, which helps to obtain the denim shade that we want!

During that procedure, the denim shrinks/expands and it’s reallyyyyy tough to have the measurements of each batch the same! 😫

But of course, we do our quality checks and we will ensure that any differences are well within the acceptable range for your orders! 🤗

4) Why does my measurements not fit your apparels? I am a 32” at bust but your measurements are less than 20”? ):

We measure our apparels laid flat and not all round!
Hence if you are looking at your own measurements as a gauge, remember to divide it by 2!

For example, a 32” at bust would most likely fit an apparel that is 16” for its ptp (but of course, you need to look out for other measurements such as the waist and hips etc!) ✌🏻

One last tip we are giving to getting your perfect fit! ☑

We provide measurements for all apparels on our site and we understand how confusing it may be when different apparels have different measurements for the same size!

You may be tempted to size down when you view the measurements thinking it might be too big, but in actual fact, sizing down may result in you purchasing a size too small!

The measurements may differ despite being the same size due to the cut of the design and the type of fabric used. Certain apparels exude more casual vibes and look way better when worn loose-fitting whereas some looks best when worn fitting.

Should sizing up/down be required, we will definitely state under the product description and sizing!

One major tip is to follow the model's size gauge. If the model is a size S and wears S, then it will mean the item fits true so it's recommended to get your usual size! :)

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Friday, 10 Mar 2017

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bertillawong (avatar)

bertillawong 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 post!!!

1 year ago

melonnnx (avatar)

melonnnx Can TCL please start taking in feedback and make more xl apparels? Some of the xl items are really ugly and those that are nice all don't have xl.. I've seen customers sending/writing feedback about this issue but it seems you guys are too complacent to take it in. Previously your mentioned that xl items don't move.. maybe it's cause all the nice stuff all don't have xl and those xl ones are so ugly? Please do something about it.

1 year ago

sherenehui (avatar)

sherenehui Hello @theclosetlover @briannawonggg @bertillawong I do agree that tcl is having too little xl clothes these days! There are so many nice items I want (ie the upcoming floral dress) but no xl )))): I can understand it's really quite sian to follow tcl and then be all excited for new arrivals only to be disappointed when we head down to the stores ))): it's the same for the cny collection also and it seems like many customers would want to see size xl items.. so please please please bring back xl for all items please ):

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @melonnnx Hi! Thanks for your feedback and suggestion! :) I'm not sure if you read it before but I did mention the reasons for not making XL for all designs in the recent months.

One main reason being we had a lot of leftovers of XL pieces when we used to include this size in all our designs. I understand the disappointment XL customers may have whenever they're interested in a particular design, only to find out there's no XL. However I would like clarify that that's not us being complacent. We are always here to listen to feedback and suggestions our customers give, both good and bad. Whether or not we are able to carry them out is another issue as there are other factors to consider as well.

Much as we'd love to satisfy everyone, we will still have to execute our decisions from a business point of view and consider the majority's preferences!

I understand that from consumers POV, it may seem that there's nothing tough about adding an additional XL size to our designs. But in actual fact, that's not the case. Every size/design that goes into manufacturing, there is a min quantity needed.

When we didn't use to have XL and customers wanted it, we started to include most, if not all designs in XL too. But the response wasn't that good and was below expectations, the demand was low and it went on for a year at least.

We did consider stopping XL for all designs frankly, but we decided to be more selective with XL designs and streamline our choices instead, so there's still options available for XL customers.

I'm sorry if the designs available currently haven't been to your liking. We will work to improve on that.

Hope this explains! :)

1 year ago

briannawonggg (avatar)

briannawonggg @sherenehui Hi Sherene, thanks for your feedback! I've replied a customer above, you may refer to the reply above for more details and clarifications. Thank you! :)

1 year ago

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