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TCL Staff Retreat ❤️

Hi ladies,

It seemed like just yesterday that we were buzzing with excitement as we welcome the arrival of Lunar New Year. Before we knew it, the festive season has officially ended. Nevertheless, we hope that you girls had a fun-filled CNY break and ample rest over the festive season! 😋

Here at TCL, our lovely founders, Bree & Bert surprised the staff with a 2D1N company retreat this year and we are so excited to share more with you ladies! 😍

This is the first time ever that TCL embarked on a company retreat, with both our retail and office teams together! This trip surely boosted our morale and strengthened the bond between everyone! 🌈

We would say that it was a fulfilling and valuable way to pamper ourselves after the hectic CNY period (which all of us pushed through!). ✌🏻

Let’s get right into it!

Day 1

All of us ready and excited to start our trip! We gathered early in the morning at Harbourfront Centre, ready to set off to our retreat location - Batam! 🤗

Featuring some of our lovely office staff who worked tirelessly over the entire CNY period. During the festive period, packing of orders took place from morning till later than usual. On most days, it ended at about 8-9pm, that’s almost 9-10 hours of packing! It is no easy feat and it can get very tiring, but we made it! 😘

Meanwhile, here are some of our retail staff who never fail to carry a bright smile on their faces despite the long working hours in order to provide you girls with the best shopping experience! Standing on our feet for just a couple of hours can tire us and our retail team are on their feet almost 12 hours a day. We don’t know how they do it, but kudos to them! ✨

We started the day with an overview of what’s to come in the brand new year ahead. Bree and Bert shared with us some plans that are coming up in 2018 and their rationale behind these acts so that we will be able to better understand and execute them in the days to come.

While we can’t reveal much for now, suffice to say that you ladies have LOADS to look forward to! For one, you can look out for more details about our store opening at Raffles Xchange this coming April! 😉

Next up, the commencement of some team building activities! ❤️

We were split into 2 different teams, each led by one of our co-founders! Here’s Bert and her team members!

Here’s Bree and her team members!

The team that laughs together stays together! We shared loads of laughters while having fun together and this helped both our office and retail staff to get acquainted! 😎 It was extremely heartening to see everyone getting along so well!

Our enthusiastic co-founders were also actively involved in the activities and this was also a good opportunity for them to understand all the staffs better as individuals! We’re sure that they had a pleasant time as well! 🤗

Can anyone guess what’s going on here? 🤔

We were supposed to have everyone’s back touching a balloon and a brilliant idea came by for us to tear the balloon apart. That was what we did and we all have a part of the balloon on our backs in this photo! 🎈

A game that gave everyone a chance to lead and to be led. As we were blindfolded, communication between the team became even more vital for us to understand the task at hand!

Bree’s team succeeded in completing the task given!

Without doubts, Bert’s team succeeded too!

We had endless amount of fun during the team bonding activities which definitely brought us closer to one another just after half a day! 👭

Next up, it was lunch time! We were famished by the time lunch rolled around! Well, everyone deserved a good meal after an eventful morning. Here are our excited faces as delightful lunch meals were being served! Yum yum~ 🍴

Overdue well wishes from TCL to you! 🍊

We also got to enjoy sunset views and sea breeze over dinner. What a perfect mini getaway for everyone! 🌊

Everyone snapping photos of the gorgeous view! 📸

The itinerary of the trip was spaced out sufficiently for us to have fun and chill together. We had ample rest time and moments to soak up the beautiful sceneries around us.

Bert couldn’t miss out on taking some #TCLOOTD when such an amazing and photogenic paradise laid right before her eyes. Here’s Steph helping Bert to snap an OOTD in front of that perfect ‘backdrop’. 😝

We remember dinner being very awesome that evening!

We had a mini game challenge after dinner!

Once again, it’s all about team work! Here’s everyone attempting to get the cracker into their mouths without using our hands! 😂

Bert’s not giving up! That’s the spirit! 💪🏼

The girls encouraging one another~ 👏🏼

The day ended beautifully with a KTV session where we sang our hearts out~ 🎤

Day 2

A short debrief by Bree and Bert where we all shared insights that we gained from this trip.

Everyone had their own unique experience but one thing is for sure - whether we are from the retail or office team, we all work together for TCL to function smoothly. Even though we do not interact with each other every single day, when there is a need for us to work together, we can still work seamlessly together to solve any problem at hand! 💖

Time really flies when you are having fun! 😰

A picture of us looking satisfied with our loots after a mini shopping session! 🛍

That’s the end of our short retreat to Batam!

Our team is now back feeling refreshed and renewed, readier than ever to kickstart the month! 💪🏼

To start the month on a right note, we have some exciting treats from TCL to you! Head over to

to find out more about what’s in store for you this March!

Hope you ladies enjoy this read and we’ll be back with more content so do stay with us! 🙆🏼

Till the next! ❤️

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Wednesday, 7 Mar 2018

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