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The Secret Behind Your Happiness! ✨

We all know the euphoria when receiving a parcel! Purchasing online is akin to gifting yourself a little present and our hearts are always filled with anticipation when we lay our hands on our parcel! 😻

But have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes after you click the "submit" button to confirm your order?

Well, if you ever did, read on to find out more! Because we will be sharing the secret behind your happiness! ✌🏻

Prepping your order labels is the first on our list! 📝

All your orders are mailed via courier, which comes with a trackable code for you to know just when to expect your parcel!

Every morning, our CS team will sort out the orders to prepare these labels and get them printed!

And when these labels are ready, our seasoned logs team takes over and starts pasting these labels on our trademark pink packaging!

It may sound easy but they need to be
▪️Quick - especially when we are experiencing high volume of parcels because we know all you ladies are anticipating the arrival of your parcels!
▪️Accurate - be able to gauge the size of packaging required for the orders just at a glance.
▪️Observant - in the rare case where the printing of the label was not done properly, our logs team needs to be able to spot it!

Work space all set! ☑️

When a portion of labels are ready, part of our team will get down to the official packing!

Which means walking, climbing and more walking & climbing all around our warehouse to get all your items for your orders! 🚶🏻‍♀️

In fact, one of our logs team member walked ~14k steps by the end of the day from all the sales packing!

A screen shot of her step tracker app! That's a whopping 11.27km worth of walking! 😱

Even if we were to deduct the distance she walked to our office in the morning and back, it's still a pretty significant amount of walking right there!

If you were to take a closer look at our time lapse video, you'd notice that our team will take the apparels for each order and stack them!

We do that because
☑️ It's more time-efficient to slot all the parcels at a go.
☑️ It ensures 2 rounds of checking. One by the person who's taking the apparels and another by the person slotting the apparels!

All our parcels are packed manually and while we can't eliminate human errors, we do try our best to minimize them!

After slotting the parcels and tallying the numbers, we will then load these parcels in a huge trolley to await collection by our courier team!

One of the gratifications our logistics team get is when they finish packing all orders before/by the end of the day! 🤗

But while we were packing your sales orders yesterday, the lights in our warehouse blew! 😫

It happened all in an instant and there was a slight burnt smell so everyone was hurried to the office where we continued packing whatever we could!

This is the current state of darkness in our warehouse with some light shining in when we open our doors.

One of the other sources of light in our otherwise pitch dark warehouse right now!

We apologize for this but do give us a little more time to pack your parcels as we are now awaiting the electricians to come by to fix the lights!

In the meantime, we are resorting to using torches to pick the items row by row! 🙊

We are down to the last 3 hours for our online sale! Hop over to our site and enjoy these discounts before they're gone for good!

Sale ends 28/2, 2359h so hurry and shop now! 🤗

Day 59

Tuesday, 28 Feb 2017

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excessive (avatar)

excessive really appreciate the detailed sharing here with us! It allows us to have a better understanding on the happenings behind the scene!

1 year ago

theclosetlover (avatar)

theclosetlover @excessive Thank you, dear! Glad to know that you like what we're sharing here! 🙆🏻☺

1 year ago

debralimxr (avatar)

debralimxr Really appreciate the hard work during the aftermath of each sales period! @theclosetlover :)

1 year ago

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