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Office Food Hunts!

One of the many things that we look forward to during our day of work...

Lunch time!

We are a lucky group to have been situated in our current office location because we have an abundance of food choices here! 😋

Let us take you on a little food tour around our office to share what are some of our favourite food spots!

Fish Soup

We never really knew the official name of the stall but everyone of us here has given this store a try and some of us are die-hard fans!

For those of you who used to work in the West, you may or may not have heard of this store but it used to be located at Taman Jurong!

You can have it with thick bee hoon, Maggie mee, rice, fish skin or simply just the soup itself.

Everyone of us here love this and all new pixies are converts! ;)
Their balacan chilli is absolutely yummy and we always ask for an extra packet when we order!

Korean cuisine

We love the food from this store when we are craving for a hearty meal or on cold rainy days because the portion is big and the soup is piping hot when served! 😻

Most of us love their ramen dish! But they do offer other alternative like bento sets and kimchi fried rice etc!

Their price point is relatively reasonable for their portion so thumbs up for this! ;)

$2 Economic Rice

On days when we are looking to save a little more, this is our go-to store!

We know that Economic Rice as the name has it, is pretty value-for-money already but this takes it up another level!

2 veggies + 1 meat = $2
Just take our money! 😱

We don’t rave over the food but it’s a decent option to consider and the price point definitely makes it one of the stores we frequent!

Junction 9

Our usual visit to this mall near our office takes place on Fridays!
It’s about a 10 min walk from our office and we eat at the coffeeshop nearby which has a whole lot of options!

Western food, indian cuisine, chicken rice and the list goes on!
Occasionally, we like to head over to the food court in the mall for more food choices!

The highlight of our trip there has got to be…

Old-school bubble tea

We usually order a cup of pearl milk tea that will last us the rest of the day.

The reason why we affectionately term it as old-school bubble tea is because, the price point is absolutely what it was when all of us were still schooling!

A regular cup of milk tea is $1.70 while a large cup is $2.30!

A nominal price for a little throwback to our childhood & a sweet indulgence - why not right? 😉

That's about all on our list to share! 📝 If there're any Yishun food list that you'd like to share with us, drop us a comment down below! We'd LOVE to know! 😋

And just a little reminder to everyone reading this: remember to have your meals on time! 👌🏼
Work is important but so is your health! Having proper meals will let you have a mid-day recharge and let you function more efficiently!

So do away with your work for an hour each day for a proper meal! 🤗

Day 66

Tuesday, 7 Mar 2017

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Remember520 (avatar)

Remember520 junction 9 the indian food on the first floor v nice!! their mango lassi is LOVE haha

1 year ago

theclosetlover (avatar)

theclosetlover @Remember520 Really? We haven't tried that before, maybe we'll give it a try tomorrow! ;)

1 year ago

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