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Hello, March | Giveaway Alert! [Ended]

Hi ladies, we are welcoming March with a brand-new post here and we’ve got something exciting happening (giveaway alert!) so stay with us till the end! 😉

We know how beauty starts from inside out!
The fact that you ladies are reading this to begin with, shows that you’re interested (even if it’s just to the smallest extent) in fashion, style and beauty!

We care for our skin, put on make up to beautify our appearance, don pretty apparels to stay on top of our fashion game.
But just how many of you ladies truly pay attention to…

Caring for your hair

Hands up, if you are one of those who never put in much efforts to caring for your hair! 🙋🏻
(A lot of us here are guilty as charged too. 🙈)

So today, we are going to be sharing more about how to care for your hair and let your confidence shine through – from head to toe! ✨

So, we know that the standard haircare routine goes this way:

Shampoo --> Conditioner --> Hair Mask

But did you know that this is not the most efficient way?

Introducing to you, the trending haircare method in Japan:

Shampoo --> Hair Mask --> Conditioner

Now, you may be thinking “How can a swop in one step make a difference?”

Before we explain, you need to first understand 2 things!
1) Difference between conditioners & hair masks
Conditioners mainly help to moisturize the hair but hair masks are usually formulated with more nourishing (better) ingredients to actually change the hair condition.
2) When you shampoo, you’re opening up your hair cuticles for any dirt to be washed out.

By putting on the hair mask before the conditioner, you are helping your hair to absorb the goodness of the hair mask better because the nutrients can penetrate deeper into the hair shaft while the cuticles are open.

Makes sense right? Lastly, finish up the procedure with a light-weight conditioner then helps to seal the hair cuticles!

We are loving these hair masks that Moist Diane sent over to us!
Not only do they leave us with silky soft hair, the products are incredibly fragrant! 💁🏻

This series boast of a unique Gold Pearl Formula which intensively nourishes and seals moisture in the hair for stronger, smoother and more manageable hair.

Putting it to the test

Of course, if we were to just tell you about the product, it wouldn’t be all that convincing!
So we put the product to the test ourselves!

We tried the new routine of Shampoo -> Hair Mask -> Conditioner using only Moist Diane products for a week!

It was a conscious effort for our tester but y’know, beauty only comes with some effort put in! 🙇🏻‍♀️

Here’s a side by side comparison!
A marked improvement for a week’s worth of effort, don’t you think!

Before the use, the hair was dry and it ain't anything smooth and silky! 😢

The picture doesn’t show as well but the hair ends are less dry and our tester commented that she had less tangled ends while combing through her hair!

Here’s where the exciting part comes in:

We are giving away 10 Moist Diane Straight Style Hair Mask

to 10 lucky ladies and this is an exclusive giveaway for all our Dayre readers! ;)

Here’s what you have to do to join this giveaway:
1) Follow @theclosetlover on Dayre
2) Like this post
3) Comment to tell us why you wish to win this giveaway
4) Share the love by tagging a friend in your comment!

Contest ends 08/03, 2359h and is opened locally only.
Good luck, ladies!

Special thanks to Moist Diane Singapore for sponsoring this giveaway! ❤

Thank you for the active participation for the first giveaway that we are holding on our Dayre platform (many more to come, so stay tuned for it! 😉)

We've selected the winners and they are...

Congratulations to all winners and kindly do drop us an email at: with the subject header "TCL Dayre X Moist Diane Giveaway" for us to advise you on how to collect your winning item! ;)

Thank you once again for joining the giveaway and we hope you have a great day ahead! 💕

Day 60

Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017

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qianyii (avatar)

qianyii not a girlish kind of girl but my hair is my life so I wish to get the hairmask to take good care of my hair. FYI I only use hair shampoo only because conditioner doesn't work much on me. @pisceshuiying

1 year ago

teeyilinggggg (avatar)

teeyilinggggg Hair products are really essential to me and I've been wanting to try out new products on my ever-dry hair because I've not found the one that works well yet. As someone who constantly curls my hair daily and not have naturally nice hair (sobs), I really would like to give this product a try for a good change!! 🙂🙂 @pekjiaxuan04071014

1 year ago

oonkahyi (avatar)

oonkahyi my hair is very unkempt and it needs lots of maintenance on them. hair products like such it's very important for me, esp conditioner. i really would like to give this product a try. hoping that it will make my hair soft and smooth ☺ @enhui

1 year ago

hannahyuki (avatar)

hannahyuki My hair has been a mess since forever, I hope to win this product to improve on my hair condition @miffyqi

1 year ago

esthxrlyn (avatar)

esthxrlyn Personally, I feel that how my hair feels and looks like is very important to me and it tops off the look that I have for going out or school everyday. I have really dry and frizzy hair and still trying my best to find a suitable brand of shampoo to suit the needs of my hair & honestly, it hasn't been going well 😩 So I would really love to give this product a try, and hope that it will better the condition of my hair!! :-) @yourprxncess_unxcorn

1 year ago

athz_ (avatar)

athz_ I've recently switched to Moist Diane's Extra Moist range and I can truly see a visible difference in my hair! 😍 I've been using their shampoo and conditioner regularly and would absolutely LOVE to add the hair mask to my routine! I absolutely trust that it'll help my mane to go from bad to fab! ❤️ @nthyyyy_

1 year ago

insertusername (avatar)

insertusername My hair used to be silky smooth and it looked really healthy and nourished until some time last year... There weren't changes to my hair products so now I've been trying out other brands but nothing works so far. It's really frustrating because I have no idea what went wrong! As much I would like to spread the love.. have no friends on dayre to share this with though #doublefrustration

1 year ago

clynfoo (avatar)

clynfoo I am not blessed with tame and smooth hair hence I am always trying out different products to improve my hair condition! Have yet to tried Moist Diane's hair mask and would love to win the opportunity to do so and test out a new product! @jellyxbean

1 year ago

wowcat (avatar)

wowcat My hair gets pretty dry and brittle and would really to try those products, hopefully it will improve! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!😊 @amandapoofs

1 year ago

lauratwinnie (avatar)

lauratwinnie Really hope to win Moist Diane Straight Style Hair Mask because I have read many reviews about the goodness of Moist Diane's products. Hope to try it out on my frizzy and limp hair, cause I've tried many hair products but have not found any that works on my damaged hair T.T @rikolovee We need this to save our hair! (:

1 year ago

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