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Good morning ladies! @bertillawong here to takeover Dayre for a day to complete my challenge set by the marketing team.

I was asked if I wanted to take part in a challenge and of course I couldn’t say no. πŸ™ˆ

It was a challenge similar to what @briannawonggg had done before. I have to choose 3 type of categories and style a CNY outfit from it!

These were the categories created by the girls, can you guess which one I picked?

I drew the categories from a little white box. ☺️ I must say that it is 100% genuine and I didn’t switch my picks or anything haha.

The first two categories I picked where pretty okay for me until the last one! The last one was understated and when I first saw it, I had to think quite hard about it. I have never styled an understated outfit but I suppose it is because I didn’t think of an outfit that way!

Looking through all my 3 categories and running through the different outfits. 🀣

I was lucky! I got a sweet category, minimalist & understated. Not as bad as I thought? ;)

Picking out my outfits for the challenge. For sweet category, I knew that I could work the look with a floral printed piece. For a sweet look, you can opt for sweeter colors too like white x pink etc.

Lace is another way of creating a sweet look. A lace dress is not only sweet but elegant and you’ll feel really dainty in it.

Keep the look classy with a pair of heels! If you are someone who is used to wearing heels, try our minimalist heels. It is the pair that will last for a long time in your wardrobe and has great mileage - it works with almost all looks! We have the cream pair which is a nice color for work too.

I like this pair very much! The pom poms are cute and it looks like it has a wood element in it.

Ah I love our slingbacks too! They were a hit when we launched it and we opened backorders for some sold out colors.


For the sweet category, I picked our Avelinn Floral Qipao. For my first day of visiting, I kinda want to wear a qipao as it is more traditional! The elders love it when we wear something traditional.

This qipao fits me very nicely! It is meant to be worn fitting and yes you can probably see a little bit of your tummy but it is CNY and one of the rare chance for you to have an excuse to wear one. πŸ™ˆ

I styled it with a pearl drop earring for a more oriental look.

You can wear a simple pair of gold earrings too, no problem!

For shoes, I’ll advise you to wear it with a pair of high heels to make it look even classier and dressier. ☺️

If you prefer something more comfortable, Fond Block Heels work well with this look!


I took quite a while to decide on my outfit for the understated category! What outfit would be dressy enough for CNY yet not showing that I was obviously dressing up for CNY?

I decided to go for Stelle Pleated Dress in Peach which proved to be a very popular choice as when I was on shift duty at Westgate yesterday, plenty of customers bought this piece for CNY. ☺️

What I like about this dress? The sleeves and pleated details.

This dress is A-line cut and somehow I feel that the pleats make this dress really flattering. We have two colors, ash lavender and peach!

Just a note that the peach isn’t those bright shade of peach but a subtle peachy color.

This is an understated look to me as it might look like a casual dress but the pleated details definitely amp up the look.

For styling, I paired this dress with our Fond Block Heels, a nude bag and pearl drop earrings again! A note that my earrings had the same shade as my bag. When you are not sure of what color to style your accessories with, opt for the same color as your dress and vice versa. You won’t go wrong with that!


Ah the last category was quite easy! Minimalist meant that I needed to keep it simple and the best way was to keep my apparels to one color. πŸ™ˆ

I matched our Frun Pleated Top with Keira Ruffles Culottes in clean white. This culottes is a hit ya! At Westgate, we were only left with display pieces of XS and S if I am not wrong.

I styled the look with a pink small bag and Fond Block Heels (again)! Can you tell how much I really like the heels? Haha.

If you bought our Hollie Suede Slingback in light pink, it’ll be nice to match it too!

I skipped the earrings for this look to keep accessorizing to the minimal.

There are pleat details for the top which you can’t really see here, but it dresses up the look for CNY! Plus I wore a pair of heels instead of sliders which would have been abit more casual than dressy.

You can go one step further and wear a sleeveless vest or blazer if you want to elevate the whole look - in white of course! Otherwise, this minimal look is already good enough for visiting. ;)

Hope you have enjoyed this short post by me! I really can’t wait to see all your #TCLCNY2018 outfit posts next week. Remember to hashtag us ok? ;)

Our last launch for CNY is tonight and you get to enjoy up to 18% off!

Just a recap:

Fortune8 - 8% off 1 item
Fortune18 - 18% off 3 items or more

Shoes are included but bags and accessories are not!
Discount is applicable to CNY2018 collections only. 😘

Enjoy the last bit of CNY shopping ladies!!

Day 42

Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

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fiocwl (avatar)

fiocwl Hi TCL, may I check how do u keep the slingback from slipping? When I tried it walking arnd my house it feels like it keep slipping.

1 year ago

theclosetlover (avatar)

theclosetlover @fiocwl Hello! Have you adjusted it to the tighter strap? If it keeps slipping it probably means your size is too big!

1 year ago

fiocwl (avatar)

fiocwl Hi TCL, I have adjusted it. Maybe I shall try again. Thank you! :)

1 year ago

avacadoee (avatar)

avacadoee Are the pants sheer?

1 year ago

juschev (avatar)

juschev If only the top comes in XL....

1 year ago

theclosetlover (avatar)

theclosetlover @avacadoee Hi there, our Kiera Ruffles Culottes are fully lined! So you don’t have to worry about it being sheer! πŸ˜‰

1 year ago

theclosetlover (avatar)

theclosetlover @juschev Hi there, thank you so much for your feedback! We will take it into considerations for future manufacturing! (:

1 year ago

reynbow (avatar)

reynbow Hi tcl! Do you have any steam iron recommendations? Thanks!

11 months ago

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