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Interview With @bellywellyjelly! ✨

Hello, first weekend of February!

We’re here to get your Saturday off to a bright start with an exclusive interview with one of our favourite sunshine personalities, @bellywellyjelly! 💛

Bel is one busy bee but we are sure glad to have caught her in between her work for this feature.

For those of you who do not already know, you can shop Bel’s top CNY picks from our website. ;)

Tap on our “CNY 2018” tab and you’ll be able to spot different categories that are available under our CNY collections. 😊

Amongst which are some of Bel’s personal favorites from our launches!
You can click in to check out those items and find out how Bel styled them. It’s a great way to pick up some styling tips from her this spring! 😉

Without further ado, let’s get the interview session rolling! P.S. Camp for our post if you don’t wish to miss out on any updates throughout the day.

Hello Bel! Let’s start with a short introduction about yourself? (:

Bel: Christabel, many of you would better know me as bellywellyjelly. I do social media - Youtube, blogging and recently I started my own online store called kāi. (:

Featured: Adarra Off-shoulder Top

From what we see off your social media platform, you are really versatile when it comes to your fashion choices and options. How would you describe your style?

Bel: I’d describe it as casual chic? I honestly just dress up according to my mood, according to the countries that I go. I don’t have a fixed style that I stick to. I like to mix and match - sometimes I like to wear florals, sometimes I like to wear basics. It really goes along with my mood and the country that I am in.


Take a tour of Bel’s IG account (@bellywellyjelly) and it wouldn’t be hard for you to realise that Bel’s an energy bunny! She has a vivacious personality and she is open to trying out new styles.

Casual chic or glamourous looks, Bel nails them all because she dresses according to her mood and what she feels good in. ✨

Yes, ladies, always go for something that you feel good in.
That’s the first step towards looking fabulous. ;)

Featured: Emelia Layered Top

What do you like most about TCL apparels?

Bel: I’ve been wearing TCL apparels for really, really, REALLY long! I think what I like most is the consistency and how TCL keeps improving e.g. keeping up with the latest styles and trends.

Also, I like that I can find different styles of a certain print. There are numerous styles available of a single print/ design. The designs are really catered for different body shapes and sizes.

That is really good because there is something for every girl out there.

Featured: Aria Ruffled Dress


Yes, that’s right! TCL is your one-stop fashion destination and that means you will be able to shop with us for any occasions!

More often than not, prints are available in more than one style because we wish to cater to most of you ladies out there! We have sizes available for most apparels from XS - XL because every lady out there deserves to look good. ❤️

Featured: Aslyne Watercolour Printed Midi Qipao

Any pieces from us that made it to your list of top favourites?

@bertillawong guessed our Majestic Cambridge Dress for this! If you’ve been following us for long enough, you’d definitely know this iconic dress that was really well-received by you ladies when we first launched it for CNY a couple of years back!

Let’s check out what does Bel has to share about her top picks~ ;)

Bel: So there are a couple of pieces that made it to the top of my list. One I wore a lot, even after CNY, was the “dragon lady dress” (i.e. our all-time seasonal favourite Majestic Cambridge Dress.)

That has unfortunately been stashed away, because it is too iconic and I’ve worn it too many times.

Another one is an off-shoulder top (Dolca Eyelet Off-shoulder Top). I wore that to death and wore it so many times. That top followed me for a couple of years and every time I wore it, I would get queries on where it’s from! I wore that exhaustively.

We know that you travel real frequently. Also, your complexion is really great! Do you have any beauty or travelling tips that you'd like to share with our readers?

Bel: Traveling tip - I always mask on the plane! I always remove my make up on the plane and I bring along a mask. Sometimes I am too lazy and I don’t mask but whenever I can, I will just put on the mask for 20 minutes and get it over and done with.

Featured: Haven Tulle Skirt

Bel: I always drink a lot of water on the plane because the plane dehydrates you. Whenever I am overseas, it’s just like in Singapore. I will bring along my masks and skincare products! ✨

Featured: Aerin Pleated Midi Skirt

Yes, ladies! The huge secret to great skin - H2O! Of course, a lot of hard work to not succumb to laziness to mask and go through your skincare routine. 💧

How has 2018 been for you so far? Any plans that you have in the new year that you can share with our readers?

Bel: 2018 has started off really hectic for me. I’ve been practically living in my office every other day till 3/4am!

But I think 2018 will be a year that I set out to accomplish many, many things! 2017 was a year where I learnt a lot of things and 2018 will be a year where with everything I learnt, I set out to put it to action.

I have a few things on the list but nothing’s confirmed.

Featured: Jouie Pleated Dress

What do you like to do outside of work? A little tip on how you manage your hectic work schedule, perhaps? (:

Bel: I like to karaoke and I like to drink red wine. 🍷 I manage my hectic work schedule by setting aside time to spend with my family and for relaxation. Relaxation is when I spend time with my friends and family over drinks!

I think spending time with people that you are totally yourself with actually helps to maintain your mental being.

Do you have any favourite quote or inspirational figure that keeps you going in tough times? Share a little more with us.

Bel: Every year, I have a motto or a quote that I live by.

Last year, it was “Be kind, & be fearless.” This year’s one is “Be brave.”

Bel: I am someone who is very scared of a lot of things - scared of heights, scared of this and that. Also scared of uncertainties etc. So “Be brave” is just a reminder for me to always dare to try new things. I am not getting any younger so be brave and step out of my comfort zone!

Featured: Haven Tulle Skirt

We’re sure that many of you out there can relate to what Bel has just shared. We sure do! We all have our insecurities and things that we are afraid to try out because staying within our comfort zone is just way more enticing than stepping out into the unknown.

But if you never try, you’ll never know! So if you’ve been sitting on any decisions to try out something new, hesitate no more and start working towards it today! ✌🏻

Anything in particular that you’re looking forward to this CNY? :)

Bel: Mmmmmmm, I am looking forward to just… eating and getting angpows. And playing card games with my family and friends. Basically just having everybody around you. Because everybody doesn’t have the chance to say “Eh I am not free” because it’s Chinese New Year! 😁

That’s what I am looking forward to!

Feasting, getting red packets and huge gatherings are the highlights of CNY. It’s a once-in-a-year gathering and it sure will be a great time for you to soak up the festive vibes with your friends and family. ;)

Anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Bel: You should buy TCL for your kids, for your mother, grandmother, for everybody! XD

But seriously, I think all of you love TCL, trust the brand and it’s a brand that you can grow with. I think they will continue to surprise you in the years to come. (:

Featured: Carryn Brocade Dress

A huge thanks to Bel for taking time off to accept our interview! She’s one busy bee but she took time off to have a chat with us all. We love working with Bel because she brings out the best in our apparels and shares truly only what she loves with her followers!

Look forward to more exciting content from Bel! She will also be sharing more of her CNY picks from us so stay tuned to both @theclosetlover & @bellywellyjelly on Instagram. :)

With that, we’re signing off! ❤️

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