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I'm grateful because :

May 2019

if I'm playing with fire, please hurt me before it gets irreversible.

January 2019

got my booklet and boards printed today! presentation tomorrow. may the force be with me.

went for a movie today!and also, I accidentally burnt my whole pot of braised pork. </3

made roasted pork today!used 600g of pork belly.1. oven preheated at 200c2. coated the pork chunk with coarse salt, wrapped in an aluminum foil 3. bake for 50 mins4. have the foil removed, broil for 15 minsenjoy!

bought a box of pig bones today! it was on a discount because it's near expiry. was only 5 bucks. what a steal!immediately picked out some bones and simmered them in water to make my soup base. added some bacons for the saltiness as well. prior to adding the bones, I fried the bacons for some crisp, and to gather the lard. fried the bones too and added water afterwards! simmer everything on the lowest heat for about 2 hours. 😋

had my tutorial today, and it was pretty okay. fingers crossed for the final presentation next week! may the force be with me.

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