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February 2019

People always talk about sacrifices made by a Mother but many do not know / understand and do not understand the sacrifices made by people who try to be a Mother.

Reminder to selfDon’t flaunt my baby photos to others unless ppl askHonestly I m not interested in other babies photos unless I asked la...I don’t know why my office pantry Auntie and my Father in law like to show me their grandsons photos...


I have been wanting to write about this for sometime. Everyone expects me to give birth to another kid when I haven’t even go through the labour for this. Everyone thinks that my kid should have a sibling. Yes I agree that the child may be less lonely next time but there is no guarantee that the siblings would be close Cos I am not close to my brothers. Neither is my husband with his Brother. If I had conceived easily, sustaining and going through an easy pregnancy, yes I would consider.

I hit third trimester this week and it hit me that I Will going into labour soon in at least another 9 weeks. Like Shit... this is getting real!! I prepare nothing for myself as I only felt better on week 21. After my work presentation today, I shall start to buy things for my hospital bag this weekend!

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