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August 2019

If one day you were to choose a self-employed career, and people were to suggest that “oh hey since u meet so many ppl u can do *insert mlm brand* on the side too!” And if one day you decide to take up their suggestion and try to sneakily integrate said mlm products into your original business by not being upfront with your customers,im sorry but you are bound to fail.At least have the decency to be honest and dont hide behind the guise of “sharing”.

Oh my tian2.5mths to wedding I think i pretty much have everything settled except to lose weight And the actual day rundownAnd paisehly ask for help frm my event friends to run (i dont like to ask for help 🙊 if i can i’d rather run the whole event myself lol)

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Almost like u are not allowed to feel and be humanThe only emotion they want out of u is fearHeres to reminding myself to never lose my head in this never ending race. To only be better for myself and no one else, even if they use a completely different yardstick to measure success, dont bow down to them and dont give in to themU do u

June 2019

U dont have to be mean to be authoritative

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sanren pws 😍

Omg received some sneaks frm mspowIm so damn happy with the photos!!! I truly have nth but good things to say about the team at sanren haiiisssss happy sigh 😌

This world is just so realistic one la horLet me live in my bubble forever plz u terrible egotistical humans

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