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Belly Flop

Belly Flop is little project that I've been working on for the past 2 years. Yes I know.. a bit long right. But life was super hectic back then when I was pregnant, juggling with My Sister Bakes, rebranding of MSB, then giving birth, taking care of Ruth, giving up MSB, having someone to take over the space, moving out of my parents' place and starting Esther Grace Cakes.

Wow it seems like I really want to do everything hahaha.

I had the idea of starting Belly Flop with the main intention of helping more dogs, and other animals. I always see appeals for donations online, be it for shelters, or for individual cases but there is really only this much that people can donate.

Am I right?

I look at my own dogs and the strays who need help. Yes my pets are very privileged but there are more to them that people do not know. The illness and episodes that they fight.. all these are not told to everyone and anyone out there.

On the other hand, because my dogs are living in a better environment than strays, I hope to be able to help these strays, and those at the shelters looking for a home.

And that's how Belly Flop started.

My idea was to sell something for the humans, and part of the profits will be donated to shelters to help these rescue animals.

I also wanted Belly Flop to be a tribute to our own dogs. I had this idea when Queenie was still alive. I knew that she would be leaving me soon because she was 16 then and it would be nice to do something to remember her by and helping other animals at the same time.

And so..

I decided to manufacture our own tees. It was a very bold move on my part because I did not have much experience in this industry and it is very costly to do so.

But I also did not want to just import something with any other dog prints and just sell it. I wanted Belly Flop to be special and to feature our own dogs.

Thus this decision.

I started by getting an illustrator to draw out my dogs.

I sent her these few pictures for her to work on. I was very excited while waiting for her illustrations!

For Queenie

Rocky & Queenie

This was the one and only clear picture I had of Rocky because it was so so difficult to capture his face due to his color, and we did not have very good cameras back then.


& Lengzai.

I wanted to cry when I saw the illustrations..





One look and you'll know which dog is dog. It is not just a simple clipart of the dog's breed but an illustration that actually capture the unique features of each pup.

I was really so so happy to receive them. I paid for these illustrations and also a fee to have them used commercially as well.

I then source for a local supplier who is experienced in manufacturing clothes and worked with her to get the tees done.

It was a lot of trial and error on our part because I only wanted the dogs to be embroidered on the tees and not printed. It was very difficult to get the right colours to match it as closely as possible.

And when I got the sample, I was just.. so happy.

This was before Queenie passed on, and so she did not have the halo above her.


It took a while for the tees to be manufactured and when the factories were churning out the tees, Queenie passed on.

I wrote a post about it here: @thankgodforpink:230918

This is the reason why Rocky has a halo but Queenie doesn't.

I received the manufactured tees shortly after Queenie passed away and it took me quite some time to sort out my feelings. It is really not easy to have to arrange for the work side of Belly Flop (shoots, collaterals etc) while juggling with my emotions at the same time..

But I managed to do it in the end with Isaac's support and a very wonderful team. 😊

Meet Janice! She's my girl from MSB and she worked with me for the past 4 years. She was also my bridesmaid. She is practically like my younger sister even though she refers to me as her mom and Ruth as her God sister. πŸ˜‚

We tried to style the tees with different looks. Who said that tee shirts can only be paired with shorts?

Going for a vintage look here and I love it.
Green is more of a dark sage green.

Queenie tee in black.

Baby tee in green.

Lengzai in wine. Color is more true to wine. Not as bright red.

Rocky tee in white.

& in black

The dogs are being embroidered onto the tees and it's a huge piece of embroidery. It's as thick as an iron on patch, only that it wasn't ironed on.

I deliberately made it in a way that you can only see the dogs' entire face from certain angles. Also the entire face will show if you're more well endowed. πŸ˜‚

You can follow us on Instagram at @bellyflopdogs!

Also because it is Queenie's birthday today, we are launching this first collection tonight at 8pm.

Will put up the address of the live web on our IG bio tonight. ❀

A few FAQs:

Are there sizes?
Yes there are! From size S to L. The measurements might seem a bit big but these are meant to be worn loosely.

Janice is wearing size S here and I wear M!

Here's a pic of me wearing the Queenie Tee in wine, size M!

Are these exclusively manufactured?
Yes they are. We need to hit a minimum quantity for manufacturing but I decided to just go ahead.

As such, this is NOT a customisable service. Meaning we cannot help you to get your dog embroidered on a tee shirt.

Also you won't be able to find this if you 扫一扫 since these are my own dogs and the illustrations and embroidery patches are done based on my own dogs.

How much of the proceeds or profits will be donated?

As for now, I can only give a rough gauge of 50-60% of profits, depending on how well the tees are sold.

The remaining profits will be retained to manufacture more items for future launches.

I won't be able to donate all 100% of profits as I can't possibly fork out a high 4 figure sum for each launch. This project has to sustain itself in the long run.

I won't further elaborate as it is just common business sense but rest assured that we will not cheat you of your money and will send a receipt or email of acknowledgement to everyone who bought from the first launch after we have submitted the donation.

& we are live!

Happy birthday my dear Queenie.
I hope you'll like this present I have prepared for you. ❀

You can head to to purchase. :)

Link also posted ☝️☝️ in my bio!

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Tuesday, 16 Apr 2019

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TanSH (avatar)

TanSH Nice work! Jy!!!!

4 months ago

candymoshi (avatar)

candymoshi The illustrations are soooo good! Excited to hear more!

4 months ago

wishywashi (avatar)

wishywashi Aaaaaah I luvvvv how playful Baby looks!!!

4 months ago

windmillsandmerlion (avatar)

windmillsandmerlion i am so excited for belly flop would love to make a few shirts with our dearest dog picture!!

4 months ago

thankgodforpink (avatar)

thankgodforpink @TanSH thank u!

@candymoshi trying my best to finish the post by tonight!

@wishywashi hehe thank u!

@windmillsandmerlion I think you misunderstood the concept.. it is not customisable.

4 months ago

windmillsandmerlion (avatar)

windmillsandmerlion oh okay:/ thanks for informing!

4 months ago

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