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Seoul Day 3 - Gown Fitting

Breakfast time! Cause @kwangyeow loves the bread here, we come back for breakfast again

Yums~ I wonder does SG Paris Baguette has these?
Going for gown fitting in a while.. 👰🏻
Hope we can take pictures over there..
#tebishatravel #dayretravel #dayrefatties #dayrebrides

Reached cheongdam studio at 11am. Initially we went to the wrong place lucky we managed to find our way in the end.
Sneak peak of the studio!

Display album

I purposely paid 100,000won addition for gown fitting in a different day I want to slowly choose the gowns I really like.
But I not sure why Korean like to rush people.
In total I tried about 8 gowns only.
She let me choose from the album first then she will bring out those I have shortlisted. Semi heart or heart shape gown best suits me.

I can choose 3 white gowns and 1 evening gown. By right should be 2 white gowns, 1 short dress and 1 evening gown. Short dress is for outdoor shoot, if I want Long gown I need to top up another 100,000won. I decided to top up cause I don't look good in short dress. Long gown for outdoor shoot can keep me warm too.

Another gown I shortlisted!

@kwangyeow loves this red evening dress.. so I picked it too
#dayrebrides #dayrebride

After the gown fitting, we went to Dior cafe! It's near the studio about 220m away!
#dayrefatties #dayrefood

Like Tai tai

Even the washroom is so gorgeous!


Lounge area at the cafe

Dessert bar ✨

Our bill! It's about $90 for 1 pastry and 2 drinks! 😱 anyway will only come once for experience. Too expensive!

Yay! Managed to find the Starbucks Xmas Mug for @paperkitties after a few Starbucks outlets.

Even the bag so pretty

Then we head to common ground and met my family there!

Must take a picture here!

It's a small place but everywhere here is Instagram worthy!
#tebishatravel #dayretravel #seoul

Then we went to Cat Cafe at myeongdong to rest our feet. My sis wanna come here so we just accompany her

The cats 🐱 are very clean and fluffy! So adorable!

The cat did some stun that make us laugh! 😂


Finally I get to try the cheese lobster!!
Really ex!! Like $18.50 for this!! But must try la!

So happy cause @kwangyeow paid for it!

Enjoying! Super fresh and yummy!

Look at the cheese!

Day 320

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2016

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iamlaoniang (avatar)

iamlaoniang Wah... make up and hair very on point today

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha @iamlaoniang the weather here can have good hair day Everyday!

1 year ago

winnilicious (avatar)

winnilicious Would love to visit the Dior cafe but the price is 😳!

1 year ago

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