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Seoul Day 4 - Photoshoot Day

No make up face while waiting for breakfast! Going for photoshoot later!

Had our light breakfast before photoshoot. Corn soup!

Chungdam Studio! While waiting for 11am then start makeup

The mua is quite pretty, she can speak mandarin.. I'm quite surprised that mua do not give suggestions on the hairstyle and makeup. They wanted us to choose from the pictures they have.
I was quite lost cause I don't know which hairstyle suits me.
In the end @kwangyeow made the decision for me.
We can have 2 hairstyles so we picked one that let down my hair and another tied up.

Got the rich tai tai feel? My hair isn't Long enough she mua put on Extension on my hair

Autumn feel

@kwangyeow snapping selfie and took some pic of my solo shoots

We were in Seoul Forest for about 2 hours. It's about 9 degrees celcius at that time. I'm quite surprised that I still can tahan the cold with my gown.
Lunch treat from Chungdam studio.

Super yummy kim bap maybe we were really hungry!

Enjoying our lunch

Some indoor shoots that @kwangyeow took

While changing hairstyle in hanbok

Changed into red evening gown

@kwangyeow really love this red gown

Selfie again

One more!

Then we back to our studio photoshoot for another 4 hrs!

My handsome boy 😘

Love flowers 😍

Causal wear! We have to bring our own causal wear for this set.

Beautiful set at their rooftop

Our coordinator Jamie took this for us

These pretty shoots was taken by Jamie on her cellphone



Thank you Jamie for these pictures which allows me to preview and post before I could see them the next day!
@kwangyeow is very humorous throughout the shoot making Jamie, photographer and dress help ajjuma very happy.
It's an awesome experience! I'm Glad we made the decision to come here. My dream photoshoot Place!
Thanks baby for making it come true and thanks Chungdam studio for the wonderful experience 😍

We were given surprised gift at the end of the shoot! Edited photocard! So pretty!
Now I can't wait to see the actual photos!
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Day 321

Wednesday, 16 Nov 2016

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Bianbianmeow (avatar)

Bianbianmeow So pretty!! I just came back from pre wedding shoot too!! Enjoy your day being pampered by ahjumma 😉💕

1 year ago

Benela (avatar)

Benela Super tai tai feel! Haha

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha @Bianbianmeow thank u!! It's amazing!

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha @paperkitties I think the fur sweater gives out the tai tai feel too! It's just to keep me warm at outdoor and got took it off when taking photos..

1 year ago

Benela (avatar)

Benela Should have take one with it lo! So chios!

1 year ago

iamlaoniang (avatar)

iamlaoniang Very very pretty leh!!!

1 year ago

thepacartans (avatar)

thepacartans V pretty!!!! I am sure your photos will be awesome!

1 year ago

janeyjane (avatar)

janeyjane Super pretty!!! When it was our turn at Seoul forest 2 weeks ago there weren't many red leaves! Jamie and ahjumma are the best! Haha

1 year ago

Pockyxoxo (avatar)

Pockyxoxo Love the autumn leaves!!!!

1 year ago

tebisha (avatar)

tebisha @iamlaoniang thanks! U should go Korea for photoshoot too!!

1 year ago

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