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January 2019

It is 7pm, and I'm on the bus, listening to Spotify on my headphones, en route to the pub on a Thursday night.IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?!I feel like my pre-mom days again!

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Ever since we've started sleep training, carrying Burrito to sleep is a strict no-no.I previously trimmed her nails while someone carried her when she was asleep, but now that isn't an option anymore and her nails now look like baby claws wtf.I gave up and got my mil to carry her while she was asleep, but my mil woke her up.Ditto husband.

Happy 4 months my little fluff puff ❤️

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Husband is home with the baby so I decided to maximise my lunch date and go shopping.I thought homg this is my time now and I'm going to shop till I drop.I did!But all for my baby wtf.Add that into the "how mom life changed me" list.

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