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Scam Call **Kastam**

Felt so stupid today 😢.

The receptionist transferred a call to me n said it was about some outstanding payment frm Kastam. It was actually an automated calls n was required to press 0 for more info. Did that n was transfered to a lady. Gave her my company name and my name. Checked n she said there is no o/s under co but the o/s is under my name. My name had a trading company established in Jun’17 in Penang and o/s amt is RM51k. Was stress and kept telling her i have no idea.

She then said it is fraud case n need to make police report to clear my name. Wanted to go the nearest station but she insisted that i need to make the report in Penang. I was upset n told the lady I do not own any co and cannot travel to Penang just to make a report. She pretended to check with her superior and advd i can make the report via phone thru an emergency line. Line got transferred and a lady Sarjan on the line. She asked me to google the IPKP number n said will call back.

She called back & asked me to verify the no +881042221522. My hp reflected the number but with addition +881, which she claimed is for recording purposes for report. Was pissed coz she asked me to sit in my car to ensure no disturbance and then instruct me to charge the hp and also to drive to somewhere quieter. I refused and call was transferred to another guy, Sjn Khairul. Asked me few questions and towards the end, he said the report will end soon but he need to ask another dept if there

are any other charges against me. Can heard the background he walkie talkie to another person and then he said I was involved in a drug smuggling case. He claimed they managed to catch the mastermind and the drugs haul was short of RM100k.... and where i hid the money. Damn, really pissed me off and got me super suspicious. I started to query him and told him to end the call. Told him will proceed to the police station to make an official report. He just keep quiet and ended the call.

Initially was scared as the amt is big but as the conversation goes on, few questions starts to appeared in my mind.

The o/s is for GST and 6 months overdue but GST ardy abolished since May'18 (10mths ago)..

Why cant i make police teport in seremban.

And the guy claimed he is a malay but he speak proper english with no bahasa accent although i sensed he tried to sound like a speaks in Bahasa.

Final straw is the missing drug moneys....why from o/s gst now become missing drugs money

They did try very hard to act like local, background sounds and also provided me their telephone & fax numbers and i was stressed too. But after few mins and calm down, realised that this is a scam call.

Went to the police station n when I told the officer, she asked if i lose any money, which I did not. She advd no report is required and advd to be more careful of such calls. Found out there are lots of such scams going on. Can goggle for more info.


Happier note, dinner tonight, pork chop with teriyaki sauce. Like the potatoes, think they boiled and fried later. Prefer this than fries anytime.

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Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

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