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My aunt always make me feel guilty and portrayed me as the evil customer .

Come on la, we are paying customer but we are made to feel like we are imposing on them. If not enuff staff, it's not my pblm but your internal pblm.

I asked for curry wantan mee, don't just say with a curt no. Of course I won't believe coz it was stated in your menu and will ask again as confirmation. And when you replied with a curt no, I will ask for explanation that you only have curry on weekdays?

If you explained earlier that no curry due non enuff staff than I will order something else immediately.

My aunt asked why I must get upset becoz of this. Told my aunt I am not upset because no curry but showing the person I am unhappy with her service. After me she served all customer with a smile. Earlier she was serving everyone with a sour face!

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Sunday, 14 Apr 2019

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