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All About Bedding

1 month later & this wardrobe is still...


@tanalicia:181217 The day it fell. Actually I'm pretty amazed at how I can ignore it for a whole month LOL

I mean, look at how I choose my work outfit everyday 👇🏼

Finally everything crumbled! No more excuses not to pack. So I started bringing clothes bit by bit to the new house...

& came back to my work clothes neatly placed on my bed.

Sigh finally removed some 20+ pieces from my old wardrobe but still can't fit these in 😔 So they're now sitting on the sofa outside. I guess I'll deal w them when I come back from Taiwan.

Btw I've packed some good pieces to sell! Many of them only worn once or not even worn so I'll be doing a selling post soon! ✨✨✨

Did a workout this morning & felt so great!!

It's been 2 weeks since my journey & I can tell a difference on my unwanted belly fats already!! #dayrefitness

The more obvious result is I can follow the workout without pausing as much! 😜 2 weeks ago I find it so tough I had to keep pausing. If you do too don't feel bad! Everybody has their own pace & as long as you don't give up you'll definitely improve 💪🏼

Added another YouTube workout link to my previous post if you guys wanna check it out.

My colleague prepared breakfast for morning meeting today... guess who can only look? 😔 VERY DETERMINED ON MY 1pm- 9pm EATING WINDOW OK!

Fb reminded me of this white retro button dress I wore to hotpot with my gfs 2 yrs ago. Also the 1st & last time I wore this dress 😂😂😂

REALLY can't wear it anymore!! Actually it was a bad choice wearing it to hotpot cos it was already tight for me then. Will be selling it in the selling post!

🛏 Home & Bedding Sale 🛍

There was a fair at the Taka atrium until 14th Jan (sorry I didn't share this earlier!) so mum & I went to choose new bedsheets for the new year.

We ended up buying her's & my sis' but not mine cos I cannot choose when ppl is rushing me!! I ended up gg the next weekend, but didn't buy anything at the atrium HAHAHA! Instead I bought in the department store instead 😅🙊

I went back last week & they have an additional 20% off in the department store!

I LOVEEEEEE this brand Cavalli! Love the simple design. Hmmm if you don't already know, I'm very very VERY picky, unforgiving to even the slightest print or a simple straight line on my pillow sheet.

Strangely I don't like Balmain which lotsa ppl do hmmm.

Day 25

Thursday, 25 Jan 2018

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