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of Marriage & Kids

Hello people! 👋🏼

Wow it’s been close to 2 months since my last post. I just really don’t have time 😭 Maybe the transition to the new year made me more motivated at work hehe. I’ve open the app (like twice?) in between to read my fav dayrean’s entries & realized...

Dayre is shutting down?!?! 😱

What’s gonna happen to all my posts? I don’t have time to do backups & such! Oh dear I hope they delay it as long as possible.

✨ Surprise proposal! ✨


It’s one of my closest gf’s & I’m so so SO happy for her! We orchestrated the whole plan from free staycay, to tricking her into buying a nicer outfit for brunch while her bf & gang decorated the room.

Since 2004 😊

This is so cute!!!

🎶 Dang dang dang dang~
🎶 Dang dang dang dang~

They’ve been dating ever since sec sch days, that’s a whole decade! 11 yrs to be exact. So inspiring to be witnessing this love story unfolds. Can’t wait for the happy ending!!

So happy for you my baobei!!! 😍


Of Marriage & Kids

It just dawned on me earlier this year when we transit to 2018 that I am 27.... 27!! 😔

27 (I think) is the age where you can’t delay adulting anymore. It feels like I’ve done so little but yet so much time has passed. People will start asking you when are you getting married (srsly I’m so sick of hearing this).

Especially cos the bf is 8 yrs older than me, after you answer the above question, people will follow up with...

But K is 35!
He’s of marriageable age.

Yes I know that, thank you very much.

My cousin got married at 21. My dad got married at 27. And I know of people who are still single at 40+. Who is to say when is marriageable age? As long as you’re a legal adult at 21, anytime from that day onwards is of marriageable age.

To me, marriageable age is actually WHENEVER you’re ready. & for that, I mean mentally, emotionally and financially.

I was just on this topic ytd with my uni girls & also last week with my other gfs (so many gatherings my whole schedule is packed! 😩). I really don’t think I’m ready yet. Tbh I’m still like a kid who is far from mature. The bf would agree 😅

Oh ya then after I answer the 2nd question, people will follow up with...

But he is already 35. Wouldn’t you wanna have kids earlier?

Yes of course I want to. But can’t be rushing into the whole thing right?

Day 74

Thursday, 15 Mar 2018

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hzmz_ U can back up your posts using @/dayxport :) really nice person created the software. Export to Wordpress

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