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Figuring it out

July 2019

Kinda sad that I’m finishing the Perfume from then we bought together...haha used to b real good times till u treated me like I don’t exist anymore

April 2019

Habits never really go away, the urge to just...was so so strong. Hahaha Iate nights are the worst, cuz they’re filled with so many thoughts, anxiety and sleepless nights.Long walks are still one of my favourite things in the world. Love em love em love em. Especially if it’s with someone special too. Love is so painful yet highly sought after....because it’s the closest thing we have to magic, no? Nothing in the world ever comes close to love, and unconditional love if I may add.

Thoughts are so overwhelming that it’s gonna eat me up sigh. Tell me what to do, give me some guidance, I really don’t know anymore.......

January 2019

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So yesterday we went to Singapore art week! (Just one part of it) at the Padang area and national museum! the exhibits @ national museum were quite interesting and also the sensory trail thing was p cool? But everything was closing already which is weird because the brochure stated till 12 midnight and it was only 10? We tried going up to the higher levels and pressed the elevator button but Guess what it didn’t move at all so we were just standing there like idiots HAHA took awhile to realis

Been a long time since I’ve felt this way, nervous and a little more shy somehow? I’m confused

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