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August 2019

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Currently on the plane from London to Dubai - not sure how the Dayre posts will appear given time zones etc but let’s see! I was super sad to leave London (what’s new) but this time I realised the reluctance and sadness differed from previous times. In the past, when I left London, it was because I’d miss T so much.

July 2019

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more London

How is it Monday again! It is slightly cooler in London now but still abit warm and not thaaaat comfortable yet. T and I had a really fun weekend, and I had a fun last week too. Time to look through my photo gallery and see what happened haha.

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London in the summer

Current work situation - this must be my eighth or ninth trip to the London office (think I make two a year haha) but it’s my first time here in proper summer and it’s glorious haha. So much amazing natural light!! For the first time, I’m happy to be in the London office.

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Hello from Dubai lol I’m half asleep and feeling half dead my head is SO SO SO PAINFUL and it’s been such a stressful day

two weeks of summer

I’m flying off tomorrow! I can’t wait can’t wait! I haven’t quite decided on much for this trip so here’s a haphazard list for myself as I go along. Watch: - the age of innocence - Erin brockovichRead: - great gatsby- Lolita - I know why the caged bird sings Eat: - padella - tayer + elementaryWorkout: - outrivalsGo: - Covent Garden - natural history museum - south ken- harrods

felt lame might delete later

Been binge watching gossip girl lately (on Netflix no less when I’ve got the box set at home in Singapore lol cos I ran out of stuff to watch on the plane - I’m looking at you sq) and it’s making me feel like such a loser and such a child cos now I feel like growing up sucks!!!! Hahaha and I feel so sorry for T that he’s marrying me in two months omg.

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