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My love story

Good morning chingus!! Fell asleep while watching my korean drama last night and ended up having super long sleep , shiok πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Oh I am a nightdress convert!! It’s super comfy can, got this one from primark via airfrov a while back. its kind of pricey so I abuse it by wearing it many many times πŸ˜‚

I promised you girls a catch-up so I shall start now if not until 2019 also not finished ! LOL maybe we shall start on... my love life?! HAHA is that the elephant in the room here? I’m not sure anymore because a lot has happened over the past 5 months..

Well, anyway I shall start from where it all began ~

I still vividly remember it was 5th of January when I found out that I might have to go back to Indo, and my first thought was “ How can I just leave everything I know behind ?! “ while my second was, “ then what about wee yang ? “.

Sidenote : You girls still remember wee yang right HAHAHA for those who don’t, I’d been with wee yang for almost 3 years then.

Anyway nothing was confirmed and maybe things weren’t as bad as it sounded, so I flew to Indo over the weekend to get some clarity.

So I flew and came back and had to break down the news to him that, “ yes, I CONFIRM have to go back to Indo... like for good “.

I am not sure if he did ask but maybe the deafening silence was screaming the apparent question of : Then what ? What about us ?

I told him my answer, what I would think as the easy way out, and that is to break up.

I still remembered I told him that

It would be very painful and we will be very sad for maybe 2 years but we will move on and be happy again. I don’t want you to come with me and be miserable for your whole life.

I mean, that’s the logical thing to do right?

Another sidenote : there is nothing in indo for him, I dont have a palace of wealth waiting for me back home LOLOL and most importantly, back then my parents don’t even know of him!!

Its definitely easier for both of us to just end it there.

There wasn’t a rebut from him and we kind of just unanimously agreed that we shall enjoy what’s left of our time together. But do you know how it feels? Do you know how painful it is to think that there’s an expiry date between you two? Even when we tried to enjoy our days together, there’s this thinking gnawing at the back of your mind that, well this might be the last time.

It was super super sad can, but I know my fellows back in Indo had it worse so I cannot compare my pain to theirs.

Brb have to prepare for work !

We went about our days... wha Looking back now I dont even know how did I muster the strength to do my work while feeling that way : worry about family, worry about wee yang, worry about everything LOL. How could I not just break down in the midst of doing my accounts?!

Anyway, one fine day he came and told me that no, he will come with me to wherever I go... and I instantly felt I have so much more worries instead of happy! HAHAHA

How can a true blue singaporean survive in Indo?! What about the language barrier? What about work? What about my parents? JUST HOW !!

LOLOL if you cant already tell, my favourite past time in the world is to worry. I even worry when I have nothing to be worried about can you believe *face palm* is a trait I am trying to rid of btw!!

Back to the story, let me address my own concern one by one LOL

Language Barrier

We signed up for free indonesian classes using Skills future! So friends, better utilise ur skillsfuture creds ah LOLOL it was a legit class but we stopped attending after 4 classes cos it was so boring HAHAHA and it was after work leh piangs. I also went with him because how can I let him suffer this boredom alone πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it wasnt free for me la , I had to pay like $250 Jesus.

That left me even more worried, like then how when he actually is in Indonesia? Sighpie

What about work?

Okay, so you would think it’d be easy for Singaporeans to find a job in Indo right? Wrong!! You have to completely own a unique skill to be hired with expat package! And wee yang is in marketing industry, so that was hard for him.

He pulled out all his network guns to ask for lobang but all failed because who would hire?! Usually it’s easier for relocation by a company that has branches in both Singapore and Indonesia.

I still remembered he did a skype interview with an Indonesian company which does those workspace you can share and they offered him... wait for it

SGD $400 with no accomodation at all

I was so heartbroken that he has to go through all of this to be with me.... he can just enjoy his cushy salary at comfortable environment but he has to be in that position πŸ˜” many times... I actually have this thought in my head to just tell him to sua it. Haha but it would make him sad because it takes two hands to make this work, so I had to support him. Continuously and untiringly and unconditionally 🌝

Telling my parents

This was the hardest part... and it went down very, very funny HAHAHA

Sidenote : so my parents is very traditional... and I have never told them when I do have a boyfriend, or basically anything about my life.

Let me tell you in details how it went down :

🧟‍♀️ - my mum
🧜🏻‍♀️ - me

* scene : we were driving

🧜🏻‍♀️ - oh mum, you know the Korean guy who leased our apartment, what is he working as ?
🧟‍♀️ - something in tech industry... but his lease is ending, why you want to stay there? Just stay with me
🧜🏻‍♀️ - *mumbling* no ah, i mean... you know that I’m coming back home and everything... so like, my friend wants to come and follow me

FRIEND LEH friends

Now I also shuddered at how I told her HAHAHA like what the hell *mindblown*

So back to the story;

🧟‍♀️ - *stared at me while driving*, friend? You mean boyfriend ??
🧜🏻‍♀️ - Umh ya, something like that... He’s been trying to find some work but it’s quite difficult to find one in Indo

Anyway ya thats how it went down!! HHAHAA I forgot what she said after that but it was about what he can do in Indonesia bla bla. Basically they were supportive of him coming with me.

Wee yang ended up visitting my family on second day of Chinese New Year this year, he told his family that my parents invited him. Ah that’s something else to tell... He had yet to tell his parents about ALL of this *facepalm* my life was in a real mess girls.

He only told his parents like 2 months before his “ moving date “ which was in June. Of course his parents were against it. Moving to Indonesia , to the naked eyes, is definitely a lower quality of life. Why would you move from a first-world country to a third-world? At your own will? Wy, why ah why!! Hahaha

He explained to his parents that, if you already feel sad, then imagine how I feel having to leave all this but I also cannot be apart from pita...

Thankfully his parents supported his decision in the end... the first time I came to his house after him telling the parents was so uncomfortable... i feel so guilty that I had to snatch somebody’s son πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

Came the day when I had to leave for Indo back in April! He sent me back and stayed for a week before going back again to settle for his relocation two months later!

Being apart 2 months from him was hell girls, I was left to my own device at a foreign country and it was just so difficult πŸ˜”πŸ˜” i said foreign because I had been living in SG for what... 13 years? Instead of moving back, it was more a relocation as well for me LOL

Sorry got cut halfway because of darned work coming in the way... got some time to dayre because I’m running some errands around the bank and so happy can get some nice kopi hehe! The white foam is cheese so is damn yummyy, pretty ex at $2.50 but ok la once in a while πŸ˜‹

Continue on ~

Fast forward to ...

This silly ah bui first day of being in Indonesia ☺️☺️☺️ the first of his entire life being in Indo lol

It’s been around 3 months now since he’s been living here ... let me tell you how he’s been coping. Honestly I think he’s coping much better than I have LOLOL

Wy has learned how to drive. Yes, he actually is driving around his way around the madness traffic of Jakarta!! I always get stressed when I am at the passenger’s seat LOL He hates driving with me around πŸ˜‚

He is currently doing trading of goods and I am so proud of him looking at how much has he done BY HIMSELF. He has travelled to the uluest of ulu places to meet the suppliers, with the language barriers and little knowledge of the products, he is already taking his fourth order ever since he started :’)) but that’s also the sad part

True story !! He’s barely with me because he needs to work all the time and it breaks my heart everytime he has to travel for work 😭😭😭 how ah... this is our routine for the rest of our lives leh LOLOL suck thumb lor

My mother dotes on him. Oh, he’s living with us now LOL so my mother always buys him food, irons his shirt etc etc HAHA he always makes my mother laughs one lol my mother is a very difficult person so I give it to him for being able to tahan her 🌝 i think that’s the perk of staying with parents ... you have everything taken care of ~

So... what’s next?

I just processed ah bui’s work permit so that ties him down for good , legally!! Hahahha indonesian work permit very funny one, you have to keep renewing annually so mafan πŸ˜‘

We have tried to BTO twice now and they both failed πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” but Hey... third time is a charm ... or sixth time ? LOL we tried to BTO for both sengkang and punggol but it failed miserably, we got lousy number for sengkang and wasnt even enlisted for Punggol πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ I feel so envious of you all who got them at first try ... sigh!! I should have BTO-ed long time ago when I was earning Singapore money πŸ˜”

When are we getting married? When the cows come home HAHAHA no la joke, but definitely not soon. Not to worry, everyday I ask him where’s my diamond ring alr LOL i hope he get fed up one day and just get me one HAHAHA

How have we grown as a couple?

Quite a lot I must say. I learn that ... this ah bui really love me HAHAHA he ‘ren’ a lot because I panic a lot and just went ape shit crazy.

There are times I’ve seen him really struggling and I just feel so guilty for putting him in this situation πŸ˜”

I do regret not doing things early, like I should have introduced him earlier to my parents, BTO early, gotten married earlier...

But what good is regret?

Its pretty exciting to start our life together in a new city... it’s literally just me and him alone against this cruel country LOL. Its been tough and it will only get tougher but at least I have ah bui with me :)

Okay thats all about my story ~~~ hahahah not very exciting la but thank you for reading πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ now back to normal programming ~~

Wearing #thetinselrack dress for today! I love this dress! It’s a lup and go kind of dress 😍😍 and it was so very hard to get this please. It went oos in a few minutes after it was launched. I remembered crying over it LOL CAN YOU BELIEVE! LIfe was that tough until I needed to cry from not being able to buy a dress LOL

I was super sad that wy went to DM TTR and asked if theres anything they can do to help HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA what can they do ??! Dont sell to one person and sell to me ah hahahaha this ah bui so funny ~~

I ended up getting it off the carousell LOL I patronise it everyyy dayyy waiting for someone to sell this dress, luckily got one girl who was letting it go πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Super love my aroma diffuser ~~ i got it when shopee was having sale and it was only for ten bucks

Inclusive of shipping and one oil hohohoho 😁😁😁

6:01 PM jkt time and Im already home shiok max πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ have yet to consume anything solid the whole day so shall order something nice!!! Eating is definitely something I look forward to everyday HAHAHA

I spent too long choosing my food in the end I got so hungry I almost fainted leh, so I ordered from 2 places HAHAHA omg faster come Im home alone lter I faint no one help me 😭😭

Finally my dinner is here 😭😭😭 brb eating!!

Is shredded chicken on top of warm fluffy rice and Thai Tea YUMSSSSS i chose spicy level 3 out of 5 levels and its maddddd spicyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

I also ordered grilled corn for snack hahahahaha!!!! Damn glutton can

Indonesia is a dangerous place btw, I dont open my gate anyhow so this is how I collect my food HAHAHA

Day 289

Tuesday, 16 Oct 2018

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carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 WAH WAH WAH!!! That’s why i believe “love conquers all”. It’s SO DARN sweet of wy to move to JKT! 😍😍😍 i think if it’s me, i don’t think i have the courage leh! So happy for you guys!!! Hope everything will be much more smooth sailing soon! 😘

4 months ago

seeweeyang (avatar)

seeweeyang cheers

4 months ago

cherylzhuoyp (avatar)

cherylzhuoyp So he eventually managed to find a job that’s on par with SG pay? Hahaha

4 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @carplate1030 hahaha i think when you have no choice, thats when you will just muster up the courage babe!! I hope so too, hopefully things will get better soon πŸ˜”

4 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @seeweeyang kpo leh ni

4 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @cherylzhuoyp mmmmhhh something like that. Hahahaha but definitely not as comfortable as sg working life! πŸ˜…

4 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @cherylzhuoyp not saying sg working life is easy.... hahaha but he doesnt have the welfare and benefits like last time lor. Also need to slog it out more πŸ˜”

4 months ago

cherylzhuoyp (avatar)

cherylzhuoyp You mean the leaves, AWS/bonuses and medical/dental etc? Indo don’t have any of these at all? But happy for you that your bf is so loving and supportive! 😍

4 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @cherylzhuoyp not the company hes working at lor because its just a small firm πŸ˜” but ok la, beggars cant be choosers HAHA thank you babe ☺️☺️

4 months ago

saudaded (avatar)

saudaded Hi Pita! May I know which school did wy learn bahasa from? will yall recommend it? I’m considering taking up bahasa 😊 thanks in advance

4 months ago

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