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updated 10 months ago

Last weekend in SG 😳

15 years of weekends I have spent in this sunny island, and I cannot believe that I am embracing the last set of it now :) Well, one door closes for another to open and I hope my next adventure will be as or even better than my current! Please keep me in your prayers so I can have my sanity intact HAHAHA I would desperately need it πŸ˜‚

Anyway, did one major change externally before kicking the bucket of my journey here!!




Dying my hair black!!! ✨✨✨✨

HAHAHA Have not had a black hair ever since O levels and it is pretty weird still to see meself in a jet black hair but well... I guess I'll fit in seamlessly in Jkt πŸ˜‚ yeap, me new homeground would be Jkt from now on and no longer be SG Oh wells ~~

This is what Hailey said about my new hair HAHAHA like res bean pau ... LOLOL but I do feel very oriental in it! Hurs why people can pull off black hair and look elegant but I feel like I'm fit to don batik and bring basket of fruits on my head πŸ˜”

Want to talk about this comfy outfit I wore the other day!! Found this shorts stuffed deep inside my closet and I'm seeing it in a new light!! Been trying to sell off this shorts but no buyers and now Im glad I didnt sell it! Paperbag shorts is coming around again and somemore it's in my favourite color dusty rose hehehe !!

My friends did ask is it I just came from the market with the bag and shorts πŸ˜…

PSA #dayrebeauty girls, colourpop has launched a surprise collection for Spring! Luckily the eyeshadows aren't up my alley because it's a lot of browns hahaha

These are too pretty to be cheek duos?! I don't really use colourpop's cheek stuff but I'm all in for eyeshadows 😍 how pretty are those shades in the middle!

Nothing remotely groundbreaking from the lippies department though, God I love the early days of CP when I'm just always blown away by their lippies but right now I have almost tried every shade they have 😞 I want to be swept of my feet again please!!

What I'm doing on this Saturday's morning... 😞😞kena sabo by wy through and through lor! Hahaha haiz i miss my bed 😭

Some cc event going on and kena trapped to do this haiz my weekend's morning burnt whalao 😞😞😞 nevermind! Still early to enjoy the day!

Had Iced Latte for morning coffee because I was as good as dead already LOLOL

Food panda some food because we were too knackered to go outside to find food! It's Thai food hehehe I'm really not cut out to wake up early because I'll be darn tired after πŸ˜‚

Watching The Alienist with ah bui on this rainy Saturday afternoon on netflix! One thing that I would definitely miss the most is lounging around watching netflix with wy πŸ˜”

Whoops!! Fell asleep for hours and immediately sprung up pff my bed to go NTUC because I'm making dinner for Hailey tonight hehe! Cant believe my last saturday in Singapore is ending already 😭

Dinner tonight :
• Salted egg chicken
• ABC Soup
• Egg Tomato
• Kangkong

Cooked these in a flash because I woke up late from a nap HAHAHA wha shiong leh πŸ˜₯

Day 111

Saturday, 21 Apr 2018

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Remember520 (avatar)

Remember520 pita since its your last weekend in sg, see if u might be int. in trying Liho's brown sugar pearls with milk ($3.60)!!! its rly delish (make sure to shake it thoroughly b4 drinking tho). but not avail at all outlets

10 months ago

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