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So long, Singapore

Wow, the day finally has come. I still can't seem to wrap my head on this and I don't know if I can ever do so. It is just beyond me that... Singapore is no longer my home. How do you say that out loud? How do you say a place that you been in for 15 years is no longer... you.

I been dreading this day for the longest time now. Sometimes the thought of leaving behind everything I have and moving ahead to something new is so terrifying.

It is definitely fear of the unknown that cripples me most. From here on, anything and everything is possible. Well as much as it is liberating, it is scary as heck. Part of growing up, they say.

Other than fear, I been feeling something else that I can only put a finger on now and that's loss. Im losing a place that I can call my comfort zone, where all my friends are, where everything that I know is in.

Although I wasn't born here, I was definitely bred right in this city. And I guess that's something nobody can take from me, not even when I am geographically away. My experiences define me, and I will always carry them in my heart even tens of years from now.

I always thought that I will be swamped with sadness when 27 April comes, but as I get up today from the bed I've always gotten up from for the past 15 years, it feels just like another day.

And that, gives me hope that maybe things won't be as bad as Ive painted them to be. Maybe moving back isn't alike to a zombie apocalypse :) well whatever it is, I just have to brave myself for the journey and I am glad that I won't be doing it alone. That even in this time, God always remembers me and placed a few good (or rather, saint) people in my life. For that, I know that wherever I am, I'll be just fine.

This is it, one way ticket to Jakarta :)

Huiru accompanied me and my friends surprised me at the airport to bid me one last farewell 😭 what do I do to deserve such good people in my life I don't know too.

Most of all, I'm grateful for this bacon of my life for coming with me. Well, see you on the other side girls :)

Have safely landed in Jakarta, thank you everyone for the well wishes :)

Anyway, If you're feeling down and out, let me share with you a story that might just restore your faith in humanity.

My brother came back from his overseas exercise the other day and had a flight to Indonesia the next day. Since he had some luggage allowance, I've asked him to carry a box back home.

This is the box in question.

Now if you see what's wrong with this box then πŸ’― for you, but if it misses your eyes well then the problem is I've only taped over the box once. I've been absent-minded in days leading to today so I never really gave it much thought.

Sent it away along with my brother and went about my day, until...

My brother whatsapped me and mentioned that this is the state of the box when he received it. Wide opened for the whole world to see my belongings. I was fuh-reaking out I'm not going to lie. Given that there's nothing valuable inside, I was already prepared to lose my coffee sachets, my skincare and makeup items and everything else.

I asked my brother to pour everything and lay them out for me to check what's missing.

Well, guess what's gone?

Nothing, Na-da. Not even a single coffee sachet was gone.

Yeap, that's right. I mean we've heard of many horror stories where even when the bag is padlocked to the T, somebody will pry it open. And I really was not hoping much with it being wide opened and everything.

That's the mentality I am adopting from hereon, expect the worst! Hahaha because sometimes, just sometimes, they turn to shock you.

So that's one story, well another story is just happening today! I've packed my leftover items to 1 huge luggage and 2 small boxes, however wy mentioned that he wants to check in his carry-on luggage so I repacked the 2 boxes and combine them into a small bag by leaving some stuff behind ( which wy can carry it over next time ).

Well I absent-mindedly put a tin filled with cash into this bag;

Tin in question filled with $50s! Don't ask me why we have money stashed in a tin HAHAHA we just do. So anyway, I placed this into

This bag... and I forgot to lock it with a padlock... AND I CHECKED IT IN 😨😨😨😨😨

I only realised it when I was withdrawing money in the transit area... I was freaking out the whole time I can't even. I kept thinking that someone can and will open this bag out of curiosity, rummage it and probably is going to open the tin ... and find money that's worth 2 years of their salary. And thats that.

I was already bidding these money goodbye and accepted the fact that I was going to lose it. Well.

This will be a terrible story if I actually lost it right πŸ˜‚ so really... when you're in Indonesia, don't even expect nothing, expect the worst! And sometimes you will just find yourself surprised:)

Jakarta is way too hot and stuffy, like I thought Sg was bad but I am sweating even when I'm in an air-conditioned room. For the life of me, I genuinely thought it was 30 degrees at least, who knew it's only 27 lol

Accompanied wy to go to a barbershop nearby while waiting for my brother to open a bank account! Just walked in to a random shop really

Looks pretty legit from the interior and everything? Haha we'll see!

Wy is pretty thrilled with his haircut! He said the work details is immaculate and guess how much it is? $5. Yeap, heard that right πŸ˜‚

Work hasn't really started for me... and I am honestly dreading the moment that it does sighpie, so we are just going around town and guess what I found at a mall nearby my residential

Hahaha yeap! The prices here are at least $10 more expensive... on top of the recently-raised prices of LB in SG, so I don't think I would be getting any here. Plus the collections are a tad slower compared to SG

And for those who are wondering, yes we do have bubble tea in Jakarta πŸ˜‚

Saw a neoprint machine and since we didn't have anything to do we got onto itπŸ˜‚

Went home afterwards to rest because I am so dead tired. And we are just nuaing now, deciding if we should head out tonight.

Woke up from a short nap to wy & my brother ordering 8-flavoured martabak HAHAHA and it's raining cats and dogs now 😞

Brother cooked a welcome dinner for us and we waited for quite a while because the gas was out LOL so we had to get somebody to top the gas up first. But it was worth the wait! Yummy yums yums

Coupled with a very healthy, non-greasy aglio olio. Beats eating out any day!

Received 2 new charms from Hailey and the ex colleagues gang so I re-arranged my bracelet. The wings symbolises guidance, while the four leaves clover symbolises good luck! The rest are old charms given by weeyang ☺️

Day 117

Friday, 27 Apr 2018

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storiesofjess (avatar)

storiesofjess Take care Pita and I wish you all the best in everything you do😊

9 months ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Take care babe! Do continue to update!

9 months ago

hogaeslehc (avatar)

hogaeslehc take care, Pita! :)

9 months ago

sodapopp (avatar)

sodapopp stay safe and strong babe! enjoy the process and I hope you'll settle down well wherever you're headed to!

9 months ago

mandalogy21 (avatar)

mandalogy21 Take care and please continue to update no matter where you go! And I believe you’ll have a great adventure ahead waiting for you.

9 months ago

vanessaxlim (avatar)

vanessaxlim Take care Pita!! Hope to still read about whatever you do 🀧🀧🀧

9 months ago

annaxiu (avatar)

annaxiu take care Pita and all the best in ur new adventure!!! (:

9 months ago

jnsh_ (avatar)

jnsh_ Safe trip hun & all the best in everything! Hope to still read your updates else ig stories more ok! Be safe, be happy, be healthy & know that everything’s gnna be alright ❀️

9 months ago

nite_stars (avatar)

nite_stars Take care and safe trip back! Do continue to update here no matter how. All the best!

9 months ago

solynnette (avatar)

solynnette Visit sg frequently!! Safe travels πŸ’–

9 months ago

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