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Weblogit @sxnoonlush 🌸🌸

I'm team #weblogit for now! I'm in it because wordpress seems a tad too formal for me, and I know we complained about how colorful WBI was but the developed had improved it tremendously!! Now they have hashtags and even stickers! So do give WBI another chance so I can stalk you girls again 😭😭😭

Some stuff about WBI to entice you girls to come on over HAHAHA ~


Wbi has this ads that popped-up when you just opened the app but it doesn't bother me much because these days, what doesnt have ads?! HAHA you don't have to stick through the entire ads because they do have 'X' option at the top.

Uploading takes time

My first post takes 3 minutes to be completely uploaded 😞😞😞 I rly hope the developer can improve this as time goes by!!

Limited no of photos in a post

Not sure if this is true but I couldnt tag on any more photos in my first post... i had to delete some to tag new photos in it 😭

Informal Microblogging

Maybe it's just me but microblogging shouldnt be so formal... maybe because my posts are always erratic! But I feel WBI is the closest I have to Dayre


Yeap!! WBI now has tons of stickers that we can use!

Draft post

You can post it under private post to draft something!


I cant stand that I have to think of titles for every post I'm posting πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ Maybe I can try to key in space to trick the system hahahaha

Rearranging option

I dont think we can do this on dayre anymore the last time I tried, but WBI has this option where you can rearrange your post just by clicking the cursor up!!

No post preview

Unlike Dayre which has preview of our pictures/texts in our following feed, WBI doesnt have it ... and you cant even see your own post in your following feed! Hahaha sigh ~

Day 56

Sunday, 25 Feb 2018

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baobaosaur (avatar)

baobaosaur can babe! dayre can still arrange, just laggy sometimes when you have too many photos!

11 months ago

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