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I have this bad habit of just disappearing into thin air in the midst of something, but I I am determined to try to dayre as much as I can ( and use as many stickers and hashtags as I can ) before I can no longer do it anymore LOLOL even with the text limit, I still like Dayre 😭😭

Did my CNY nails! Hehe love the doggy max 😍😍😍 it's been so long since I did my nails because I just do not have the mood to but suddenly had the feel for it! Anw I ordered some KLpolishes and I cannot waitttttt for it to come!! Though when they come, we probably won't be here anymore 😔


Can't believe it's monday again!! But it's a short week for everyone 😛😛

Anyway!! I am juggling between weblogit, wordpress and dayre to read some updates 😭

I feel like dayre isnt even trying anymore.... True it's closing down but the dates that they're giving us is 28 February and never did they state gradual shutting down. I can't see a ">" anymore on my previous posts and loading a page takes forever which more often than not leads to " user not found ", let's not even get started to how long has it been since we actually have notifications 😔😔 i

It's truly like a bad breakup where the other party isn't even trying anymore... i feel like we are going through Ross and Rachel on a break episode on friends 😂 and till forever, we will point fingers at who actually gave up first LOLOL haiz dayre oh dayre, after all the years, is this what I deserve ):

Shiokness is when you wake up to this glorious weather, making monday just a weeny bit better ✨✨

Breakfast for this Monday!! I think my office people have no mood to work HAHAHA haiz if only I can don't work 😭😭😭😭😭😭

This is what I mean by 15 minutes makeup 😂😂 really just slap on whatever can cover minimally. Just don't have the mood to don on full makeup on workdays 😔

One of the tasks I have to do before moving back is to change my this suaku specs!! Hahaha got this with my first pay and I just chose the cheapest one from Owndays 😂😂

Its only 2.5 hours since I started working and I already feel damn jaded 😔 31 more working days till this boredom ends!!

Had japanese food for lunch at 100 AM! lunch everyday is such torture because we just can't decide what to eat 😨😨 hahaha

My love for coffee lives on, need a large one today because I feel so darn tired 😔 4 more hours!!

So smitten with this doggo 😛😛

One thing I cannot stand is people pushing blame to others.... C'mon, we are all human and we are adults. We are prone to mistakes but we can just be an adult and admit those mistakes instead of pushing it to others right?? CANNOT TAHAN OMG!! I rly think very lowly of these people ...

If anyone ever needs those acrylic storage, turns out miniso actually sells them! Hahaha so amazed

Best part of the day is going home w wy after a long hard, annoying day at work... rly the hardest part of working is when you have to deal with uncooperative people..so glad my tenure is ending!!

Some of my mask loot! Hahaha omg I been stocking up mask like a crazy person to bring back to Indo! Maybe I will share with you girls my loot once all of them have arrived 😬😬😬

My dinner tonight! Got pasar malam at Hougang Mall so yay hehehe

They also sell this huge ass Thai Milk Tea which is super yummy ! It's opposite another shop selling thai milk tea called the alley HAHA dont buy wrong ah!!

Day 43

Monday, 12 Feb 2018

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mabel_koh (avatar)

mabel_koh i agree. haha it’s like a bad break up cuz the other party just give up 😂 💯

1 year ago

seajourney (avatar)

seajourney Where did you get your nails done, Pita? They’re so pretty! @sxnoonlush

1 year ago

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