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Is this really goodbye? πŸ˜”

So I guess everyone in dayresphere must have heard by now that 28 February is the estimated expiry date for us to access this great space and like everyone else, I am feeling disturbed by it. I guess we all took dayre for granted, thinking it would last forever when it was clearly all just in our head. Does this feel like a breakup? Sure does! But with everything else, it goes on!

I have set up two new accounts at weblog it and wordpress with the same handle but I have yet to post anything... it just hasn't sink in yet πŸ˜‚ but thank you so much for finding me there! And till I can decide where I will be at permanently, I guess I'll be here! I just want to be where the dayre community at... because truly, you girls have been through many of my life's events and it's just amazing how we don't know each other irl, yet you been through it all with me.

I set my weblogit page to white because it was hurting my eyes HAHA but I heard they're going to make a fee changes including hashtags and changing of color so we'll see!! The app also takes a while to load 😞

Shall cook up some good breakfast now! 😬

What I made for breakfast! Hahha OMG this took so long to prepare and so easily finished within 10 minutes 😭😭

If you're wondering what it is :

French toast Sandwich

Hahaha idk what else to name it, but it really just what it is lolol! It's quite easy to prepare but so tedioussss

These are the only ingredients you need which are pretty much household items that can be found easily.

So, if you ever feel lost what to eat for breakfast and have these in tow, read on!

I cut the crust for this one so that I can pinch the ends easier! Not sure if it works with crusts but not taking my chances LOLOL

Filling A : Ham and cheese ✨

Filling B : Scrambled egg and slices of cheese ✨

What I mean by pinching the sides, so that the cheese does not ooze out!

Dip it in egg to make french toast and that's it! Hehe easy peasy to make but takes so long because you have to prepare one by one! I think I made close to 8 sets geeezzzz

Made Hin Hua Mee Suah last night and it doesn't taste like my ah ma's homemade but sigh this shall do! Going back to JKT for CNY and making this for my dad! Wy said it tastes alright so I hope my dad feels the same too HAHA wy actually had it for both dinner and breakfast again today. Yup obviously the sandwiches were not enough~~

Feels sooo good to spend 45 minutes on doing makeup ☺️☺️☺️ I usually only have less than 15 minutes on weekdays so most of the time I just slap on some eyeliner but today I had time to finally touch my palettes *cues tears of joy*

Used my Colourpop and ABH palette together OMG SO HAPPY! hahahha anyway I was watching Kathleenlights video the other day, hence the gradient shadows πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I also gian want to buy the Dream palette afterthat !!


In uber out now because it's only $5 to Bras Basah ✨✨✨✨

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Sunday, 11 Feb 2018

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