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updated 9 months ago

Whipped up some pancakes for breakfast before starting my day! Nothing beats warm fluffy pancakes with maple syrup and strawberry, coupled with iced coffee don't you agree ☺️

I have many things to do today like packing and running errands, I also would like to seep in a bit of me time in it gah, I hope I would have enough time in a day to do these!

Watching friends on netflix for some nostalgia, gosh I used to just potate on couch and watch season after season of friends, who does not love friends aye?

Who else keeps handwritten cards in a time capsule? Found some gems like my 17th birthday cards and even those neoprints from Secondary 1 HAHA gold 😂

Out for a meetup!! Hehehe if you're keen please head down to carousell @sxnoonlush and help me clearrrr! Anything thats not cleared by wednesday will be donated to Salvation Army :) everything's dirt cheap at 2 or 3 for $15 and most are brand new items! ☺️

I always stock up my undies when Cotton on Body has sale which is pretty often, just not when you're looking for it HAHAHA so happy I bumped to their sale! Purchased like $40 worth of undies 😂

Finally found some time and a movie that I can watch!! I started watching movies alone shortly before I got together with wy, I thoroughly enjoy watching movies alone as much as watching it with others :)

Been waiting for these mascara to hit stores and finally they did woohoo!!! Plus plus psa for #dayrebeauty watsons is having 20% off so it is now going at $14 ☺️

Waiting for ah bui to finish work so treat meself to bbt ☺️ I am seriously and definitely going for a strict diet when I'm back in JKT!

Day 114

Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018

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ghosttears (avatar)

ghosttears Hello!! May I know where did you find the cottonon body sale at?

9 months ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @ghosttears from Nex dear :)

9 months ago

Nobimb (avatar)

Nobimb YES FRIENDS haha 😂 do you mind reviewing the mascara please? I saw a few people buying this mascara too, so I wonder if it’s good! Haha thank you fellow friends fan!!

9 months ago

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