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Recording milestones in Dayre ✨✨

Happy Chinese New Year girls ✨✨✨

Disappeared (yet again) because I was so preoccupied with work and also the fact that I spent half of last week back in Indo to spend it with my family :)

It was a nice gathering but made even more special because...

Wee yang was there too!! 😬😬

What's special was not only that He flew to Indo with me but the fact that that was the first time he meets my parents! LOLOL We been together for almost 3 years now and finally he meets my parents!! I never brought anyone to meet my parents because if you girls don't know, Indonesian parents are extremely difficult.

As a matter of fact, my parents never have the slightest idea of me being together with anyone at all… EVER! HAHA There was a point of time when they were so anxious because I just kept going out with Hailey/Huiru that they flat out asked me if I preferred girls’ companion over boys and even, arranged a blind date for me with some random guy after.

Needless to say, I was furious LOL ever since then they never really asked or pressed me about finding someone so I think they’re extremely delighted when I told them that I’m bringing my ‘friend’ for CNY.

Yes I still refer to him as friend to my parents because we are such awkward turtles and calling someone boyfriend in front of them is just weirddddd as heck hahaha. Please tell me that I am not the only one with such traditional parents…

My mum's first reaction when she sees wy?

WHA 很大 😂😂😂😂

Thankfully wy takes it lightly when people comments about his size! And to be fair, he is big-sized la! LOL He is easily 1.5 of my size in terms of height too ~ Despite the remark my mum constantly made about his size, she kept on asking me to give him food although it was laced with remarks like “ he looks like he can eat a lot, you give him this he confirm like “ HAHA

There was even a time when we ordered brownies at a café and my mum gave wy the spoon first and said “ I can see the glitter in your eyes when you look at the brownie, come eat first “ HAHAHA omg gg!!

Before the meeting itself, I felt like throwing up and just scrapping the whole idea HAHA I was very, very scared because I’m not sure how it would go since I have no prior experiences to refer to LOLOL I was so jumpy and on edge, making sure everything was close to perfect.

I even asked wy to wear long sleeved shirt in Jakarta’s 30 degrees LOL

I actually asked my mum if he must wear long sleeved the day before, then she laughed and without replying me she told my dad that my 'friend' wants to wear batik and suit to meet them WHALAOWE

Wy wanted to wear batik and suit to troll them but luckily everyone was sane enough not to HAHA

All in all, I think... I THINK the meetup went well! It felt so surreal that we are at this point of my life where my boyfriend has met my parents and even went to church with me :')))

Honestly the days ahead of us are long and difficult but at this moment, I am so happy that we are where we are. How bad can things get when we have each other? :)

I feel so emotional that dayre days are numbered... I really hope the buyout will go through!! 제발 i really can't see myself at wordpress/weblogit yet 😭😭

Here are some of the food that we had !!! We had sooo much food omg

Wy's breakfast which my mum prepared for him... he was forced to drink that fruit juice HAHAHA omg even I will try to delegate it to my sis but he had no one to push it to 😂😂 this was before church!

Our tired faces on day 1! Brought him to PIK! It's like an array of food shophouses but we settled for seafood in the end ~

1/4 of what we ordered and they totalled up to $20 only for 4 people, cheap max!! HAHAHA

My mum also secretly ordered these Indonesian min jiang kueh which we simply called murtabak!! Its filled with chocolate, cheese and peanut. Wy finished the entire thing together with my brother, so my mum ordered another box for wy's parents :')

My brother even jio wy to eat durian which cost us $8 and it's considered expensive in Indonesia BUTTTT

We were sorely cheated but none of it was ripe at all HAHAHAA OMG JOKE

The Soto Madura which wy was only given 5 minutes to gulp down because we were rushing somewhere LOL I told him the minute the plate placed " don't stare already, faster pick up your spoon " HAHA

And some random cafe food!! Thats my mums finger at the back pointing to my brother to give the spoon to wy HAHAHA omg the whole weekend was packed to the brim and we spent majority of the time in the car 😳😳

Brought wy to a supermarket and he didnt want to get anything... but we ended up with this box of snacks at the end of the day LOLOL

Most excited to try this!! 😬😬😬

Oh! I want to share with you girls an extremely aggravating experience with one floral shop called Floral Garage! It sponsors a lot of bloggers but it has the WORST service I’m telling you! Anyway, backtrack to last Wednesday 14th Feb, wy texted me at 430 PM asking if I have received any call from any random number and to which I replied no! But I was excited lor! Usually I can always find out when he wants to surprise me HAHAHA

So wy gave FG ( Floral Garage ) a call immediately after and he was assured that the delivery will still be within the stipulated time of 9 AM to 5 PM. YEAP FIVE PM AH! And it was already 435 by the time he hung up the call with FG.

530 shortly came and went, and there was no call at all from FG!! Wy tried to call them but was always greeted with busy tone. Maybe I am a demanding customer, but I would’ve thought a courtesy call is due if the delivery would be late? But anyway I told wy if by 545 the flower is still not here, let’s call for a refund (lol little did I know FG was flooded with other angry calls and it would take me hours till we can reach them)

Left the office at 605 PM with no flowers and no courtesy call whatsoever! I was fuming man, not only because I did not receive the flower but most importantly, I received ZERO calls informing me delivery would be late. They just took it for granted that the customers HAD TO understand due to overwhelming orders, delays are bound to happen.

ERRRRR NO?!!! I don’t agree so leh. If anything, FG should learn from their failure last year and had the foresight to do the necessary in accommodating the inevitable overwhelming orders!! Anyway I went home thinking that they will just not deliver my flowers because C'mon leh, the delivery address stated is clearly an office and I thought they'd have half a brain to at least think that maybe MAYBE AH, I left for the day because I have a house 😂

But Apparently common sense isnt so common!! I received a message from my colleague saying they received a bouquet for me at around 645ish!!😑😑😑😑😑 and they didnt even call me leh!! They simply deposited my flowers with anyone in office wth! And to make things worst, 14 was my last working day for the week because my flight to indo was on the 15th! Which means by the time I came back, the flowers will all be wilted

Called them NUMEROUS times before we finally reached through only to be told to ' write in an email ' which made me even more furious!! Hahaha

So I left them an angry comment on their ig page ...

Basically I sent a long ass message and their reply were only this. Not even a sorry 😔😑😑😑

Honestly even after we got the refund, the fact is still that our valentine's is ruined! Seriously if anyone is contemplating to get anything from them, my only advice is get it directly from their physical store in Serangoon haha ahh well ~

Wy being the ball of joy he is went to get another bouquet to replace the failed one, sigh #luckedout!!

Yayayay finally all my beauty buys will be ready for collection soon!!! Been waiting allll month 😛😛😛

Cannot wait for this dress to be launched!! Im all for printed clothes ✨✨✨

Yay!! New episode of misty is out out out! Can you believe Viu is not available in Indo 😭 Not sure how am I going to have my weekly dosage of Kdramas once Im permanently there sigh!!

Received hong bao from my director 😭😭😭😭 really going to miss my workplace leh!! Not because of the hongbao ah HAHA but because everyones so nice !

Packed my closet in the bathroom the other day and displayed all my skincare stuff which I have to use before I'm back in Indo because I want to buy nee stuff! Hahaha omg I rly need to be more hardworking so I can use them up in 2 months!

Mask of the night! I have enough mask to last me for two months so I shall mask often 😛

Love masks that fit nicely to your face like second skin ☺️

Day 51

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2018

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carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 Wah! I didnt know indo parents are difficult! And u kept it from them for 3 years! Wowwwww!!

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @carplate1030 hahaha maybe its just my parents la! And yes! I amaze myself for being able to keep it for 3 years too hahaha

1 year ago

hoppypoppyz (avatar)

hoppypoppyz Your mum’s comments are damn funny HAHAHA

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @hoppypoppyz rly leh!! Hahaha honestly if my mil says this to me I go home and cry LOLOL

1 year ago

carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 I love the “mee jiang kueh”! Is it called terang bulan?? I had the red velvet and cheese one.... it was awesomessssss! Wahhh i wish i can have it now!

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @carplate1030 OMG YES hahaha ure more indo than me leh, i just called it martabak LOLOL i wouldve thought you will find it too sweet! A bit intense leh wy said HAHAHA

1 year ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco I agree indo parents are difficult hahaha! And they got lots of questions one.. but once they meet the person, will be very nice LOL! I miss martabak!

1 year ago

carplate1030 (avatar)

carplate1030 Hahaha my colleagues are all indonesians but mostly based in SBY. They always buy amanda brownies (omg!) and spiko (?) for me and my boss. Everytime we go we come back with alot of cakes 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ but all so nice!!

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @whitechoco OMG YES! hahaha and the questions they ask tend to be very very personal and difficult to answer 😂😂 are you from jkt babe?:)

1 year ago

whitechoco (avatar)

whitechoco Yes babe! Hehe! ☺️

1 year ago

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