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I've always dreamed of moving somewhere to a place where nobody knows me and start afresh. But I was never courageous enough. I talk myself out of it all the time, using commitments as an anchor to hold me down and back to earth. I will tell myself that those kind of things are for the hobos and I am not one of them. I need my morning coffees and afternoon teas, fluffy bed with cosy quilt. Most of all, I need the assurance that I am one like everybody else.

This move I will be embarking to Indonesia, stemmed out from a very sad matter, but I cannot help to be so excited about it. Well, maybe I am trying to see the good in it but in any case, nothing can go wrong from feeling alive.

I am super excited to decorate my new room, immerse myself in new lifestyle and huddling up in a new job albeit not new work. Most importantly, I am very excited for what the future has for me. New job, new city, new me and maybe new relationship status? πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Jotting it down here so 6 months down the road when I'm feeling burnt out, I can remember how much of a good thing this can be if I try to be positive ✨✨

Camping for this #thetinselrack skirt launching later at 8 PM !! Been so very long since I am this excited about new clothes 😁😁

Tomorrow we are celebrating our 33rd month together and I just cant help to feel so grateful that wy is in my life 😭😭 I am a spoilt brat through and through. Lazy, selfish and terrible moodswings are just 3 of the xxx flaws I have but he just accepts me the way I am ( I think la HAHA ).

Told him I was hungry at 1230ish and he proceeded to make food for me 😭

Juvia's place 40% off #dayrebeauty ! I have 0 JP palettes so I'm thinking of trying some but the colors seem to be pretty striking instead of the usual muted warm colors πŸ€”

BUT SAH CHEAP 😭😭😭😭 I am a sucker for promotions really, I feel like I'm those hoarders who just cannot walk past neighbours' discarded items and bring it home LOLOL to buy or not to buy 😭

Took advantage of the sunny sky this morning, got up early for some light exercise and prepared breakfast for me and ah bui after!

If you ask me, breakfast is definitely my favourite meal of the 3 hehe! I always believe nothing can go wrong with a happy belly to start the day with 😝

This is the humble spread I spent 30 minutes preparing but was devoured by wy in 5 mins HAHA I think wy woke up tired so made some hot pipin' Cappuccino for him and iced coffee for me ☺️

If you're wondering what it is :

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Wy and me have 2 different kind of sandwiches, his is more... fattening HAHA it consists of 3 slices of ham, sautéed shiitake mushrooms, some green and 2 slices of cheese hehe! Whereas for me, I make do with 1 slice of ham, 1 slice of cheese, dried tomatoes and some salad. Nom nom in my tummy πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

Went down to get some snacks and it suddenly poured heavily so I had to use this plastic bag over my head, and wy just had to force me to poke two holes so I can see πŸ˜‘

Who else loves Yakult original?! Haha I love love yakult more than anything else !!

Working over the weekend now πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” thank God I alr nua max yesterday HAHA

I've decided to sell my clothes at Refash! Hhaha I have gazillion clothes to be sold, mostly brand new or at mint condition and carousell is such a drag 😭😭😭

Have been working since 12 and I am so tired 😭😭😭 wy is too, he is quietly snoring at the background with laptop on his lap and fingers on the keyboard HURHURHUR I shall attempt to move it slowly... and yes thats a towel im using as a blanket HAHAHA

Oh I forgot to mention of this Gucci Belt I tried in Changi's outlet which was in my size! Retailing for around $700 ish btw. Sometimes I have this urgent need to get it right away but sometimes I am still on the fence... hoping that this trend will faster passes so that I can live in peace πŸ˜‚

Carted out the skirt without a glitch hehe! It's 11 mins after 8 now and stocks for the skirt are all pending 😁😁😁 #cheapthrill hahaha

Day 35

Sunday, 4 Feb 2018

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Wanderlustdreams (avatar)

Wanderlustdreams I am sure you will get by and things will be all the same, fine.

1 year ago

hogaeslehc (avatar)

hogaeslehc jia you, Pita!! u can do this!!!!! πŸ’ͺ

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @Wanderlustdreams @hogaeslehc thank you so much girlies 😭😭

1 year ago

kkying (avatar)

kkying Shipping for JP is rather ex!!! Like 21+ usd

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @kkying its free shipping for orders above $40 babe!:)

1 year ago

samanthaaak (avatar)

samanthaaak Hi, but the free shipping is only within USA, no?

1 year ago

Wanderlustdreams (avatar)

Wanderlustdreams The breakfast flatlay looks just like a cafe set-up, with the floral blooms & whatsnot.

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @samanthaaak hi babe! Ah yeap! I usually use ezbuy la HAHA forgot to put disclaimer πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

samanthaaak (avatar)

samanthaaak Haha how does that work? You just key the links directly in ezbuy and ask them to buy for You? Will that auto include the free shipping? Very keen to get myself Too hehe. Tia!

1 year ago

sxnoonlush (avatar)

sxnoonlush @samanthaaak it's a ship for me function dear! So u need to get a USA address where JP can ship to from ezbuy, and then just buy as per normal. When they have sent you a tracking reference no, you can submit the order to ezbuy so tht when they receive it they would know its yours and prompt you to arrange for delivery to SG. Usually I pay around $7 SGD ish but depending on weight babe :)

1 year ago

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