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Counting down to my last day of work, which is 37 more working days *yawn* then I'm entitled to 3 weeks break before making my way back for good! I honestly have no motivation to work anymore 😌😌

Was exploring ideas for dinner the other day and wy found this place called King's Laksa at Kovan which was not worth it at all! I much prefer Shi Li Fang compared to this πŸ˜” but never try, never know!

This is the selection of food which is not aplenty πŸ˜… On top of that, our hair end up smelling like laksa after dinner *grouch*

The bill came up to $60 for 2 pax which probably would have cost half the price over at SLF. I am so annoyed when the food I eat isn't nice and expensive 😞

We also had Upot at Paya Lebar the other day... yeap, not good, don't go friends!

They do have some ice cream but it's not groundbreaking... hahaha to simplify, do not come here! LOL

Our breakfast the other day! I don't always eat prata so having it for breakfast, tastes even better!! Forgetting the number of calories that is ~

Sin Heng Kee Porridge

The best porridge I've had and turns out I been living so close to it all these years πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ it's packed with flavour and ingredients, just right up my alley! The bowl is also filled to almost the brim and I honestly think you can share a bowl with a friend. At $6 a bowl, I think it's pretty darn worth it 😝

We also visited this ice cream parlour 30m away from the porridge. It's tucked away in the midst of people buying TOTO hahaha so we had to squeeze our way to get some ice cream πŸ˜…

Because we bought more than $15, we were given a coin to turn and catch Gachapon! Hahaha how exciting leh ~

Speaking of it, let me let you guys in to one of my secrets;

Whenever I see one of these, I will turn every single one without putting a coin in and more often than not, something will dropped! Hahaha #cheapo

We got free cone in the end hahaha cheyyy I thought will have some toys 😞

Anw! Played around with these babies the other day and thought of sharing with you girls the possibilities you can do with these! Before that I want to say that the lipstick comes scented, so if you're not one for it, I'd suggest you skip it :)

No makeup btw LOLOL all my flaws upclose... this is in the shade Fever which is an orangey brown! Something like the more toned down version of Ofra Miami Fever.

This is in the shade domination which is simply bright red.

This is in the shade Power which is just a complete dark brown. This is definitely the most intimidating of the lot, and I am still not sure if this was a good buy hahaha

Gradient lips

This is Fever x Domination on a lip which is your normal korean gradient lips! Albeit more pigmented as expected from western makeup

this is Domination and Power used together! It's definitely not for individuals who are intimidated with darker lips but I would think it makes unique do for rainy days ☺️

Okay, continue later because it's lunch time! Hehe my favourite time of the day πŸ˜›πŸ˜› honestly any time that involves food, I LOVE IT! Hahaha

Viet food for lunch today! πŸ˜› I always love pho but wy is not particularly fond of it so I can only eat it with Hailey HAHA so happy to have my viet food dosage

And of course, my viet milk coffee πŸ˜›πŸ˜›β˜ΊοΈβ˜ΊοΈ

Look what us aunty bought at Amoy :

All these for $5 with purchase of 8days magazine! Hahaha shiok max! Really damn aunty leh LOLOL

There was also lucky draw but I wasn't so lucky HAHA sad 😭😭 got myseld dora the explorer crayon HAHAHAHA WHAT ON EARTH~~

Wha work is really quite tight this week, especially so because I been taking a lot of leaves to run important errands for my move 😭😭😭 why oh why my notice period is 2 months. I seriously cannot handle anymore stress, I only have so much capacity to worry about things 😭😭😭

But so so thankful for my colleagues who've been completely understanding and helpful towards me 😒😒😒 ahh well! I shan't stress about it and just do it! Shall come early tomorrow! 😢

Dinner at Kampong Glam before our language class!

Have not much appetite but forced myself to at least order Gado Gado 😏 gahh I hate to be stressed! πŸ™πŸ™ I hope this week passes soon πŸ˜”

Waiting for the rest of the class to come in so shall update my dayre! Haha havent finish the lippies story omggg

This is Power mixed with Fever making the brown less dark 😌

And domination plus fever together, making a very pretty coral color !

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Tuesday, 6 Feb 2018

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