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Live for the moments you can't put into words

July 2019

Hate that I’m an angry crier

May 2019

I honestly don’t get why people can be so demanding. I’m constantly struggling to meet deadlines at work already and compliance can still kpkb, everything also escalate to CEO... not to mention outside work, some friends can still expect you to follow up with every issue that is going on in their life. Can everyone please just cut me some slack? πŸ™πŸ»

January 2019

再見了, εΈŒζœ›δ½ εœ¨ε¦ε€–δΈ€ε€‹δΈ–η•Œι‡ŒδΈζœƒζ„Ÿεˆ°ι‚£ιΊΌη—›δΊ†

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Luck is always not on my side. It’s so hard to cheer up when my hope is dashed...

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