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I’m afraid to set my wild child loose.

March 2019

I haven’t written here for two months. Where the new followers coming from? 🤔Anyways, just being a whole load of childish and sour here. Still cannot get over the fact that the ex wife gets to keep the flat even as she refuses to return a loan they took out for reno. So he has to tank the entire thing on top of ALL HIS MONEY SHE SPENT. Her shit ass spending habits wiped out their joint account, to the extent they didn’t have money in that account to pay utilities.

January 2019

One thing I’m grateful for about D is that he has always maintained that I’m not the reason or catalyst for the divorce. If anything, it has allowed me to love him boldly and fearlessly; it has enabled me to trust him and to plan a future with him. It’s really the little things that mean so much, and I wouldn’t have realised this until today because time has played a huge part in opening my eyes about the type of relationship we have.

He called me 7.45am, and I picked up the phone worried. Who calls this early right? He’s whining and manja-ing... saying my name repeatedly and being rly needy. I don’t mind it, but he’d just gone drinking and clubbing alone in a foreign land. So I asked him why he called me, and he paused before answering. In that split moment, my brain went to a scary possibility:

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