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Bunny Wonderland adoption drive!

Here we are in the Uber on our way to the adoption drive.

We made the decision to adopt again quite quickly but we have no choice. Smokey is a lonely bun all on her own and in our new place, we'll be out of the house for at least 8 hours per stretch. So she needs a bunfriend!

Or a husbun!

Hahaha. I can't stop with all these bunny puns. Um, I asked Lynne from Bunny Wonderland (the shelter we work with) how many she can meet on the same day and she said "as many as we can before Smokey gets grumpy".

Smokey's always a little grumpypants though 😂

This morning I combed as much of her loose fur as I could.

Ok, if I were her, I'd want to look my best for the upcoming "speed dating" we'll be going for.

But she wouldn't have any of it and kept fighting me and the comb. 😳😧

What to do, I gave up after awhile. She still has loose fur sticking out of her sides because she's going through a heavy shedding period hahah.


We aren't looking for a replacement for Peter, just another companion. I look at it this way. If we lose one bunny, we have the same love and resources that we would have spent on that bunny, but nobody to spend it on.

And plenty of bunnies need a good home. But it's really all about who Smokey likes best, so we'll see who she picks today!

So far we are liking this boy. Looks like Smokey does too. His name is Brownie!

Came home and she immediately hid under the bed for like 3 hours. I guess the stress of meeting so many boys (6 single boys at BW today!!) left her completely knackered!

In other news...

I bought some things from SGshop and the delivery was scheduled for yesterday... but... nothing.

There isn't a number to call either so I thought I'd just wait for Monday, then I can call their office hotline.

The delivery came today just as we were about to leave for the adoption drive!! 😠

Husband said, "Can I help you cut it open with my SOG?"

Er it's a multi-tool utility device akin to a Swiss Army Knife. So I said ok.

He immediately stabbed my parcel several times with the dagger end, puncturing the brand new dog bed I just bought for Smokey....


. . . .

Resulting in my having to sew the punctures back up.


At least Smokey looks like she likes it.

Here she is enjoying a lovely pellet dinner after I finished sewing it up.

#dayrebunnies #dayrepets #adoptdontshop #adoption

The queen on her throne receiving her nightly pets and massage 😅

She is so spoilt I cannot even. Everyone panders to her in the house, even my brother who, in his own words, doesn't like pets who get all up in his business.

But he loooovessss Smokey. He'll sneak her treats when she's on a diet and read news tweets to her in the afternoons. 😂

I've caught him several times peeping in at her antics and talking to her in a very pandering manner. HAHAHA.

I secretly think that he and Smokey have some sort of affinity since he was born in the year of the Rabbit 🐰

So maybe he is just doing the natural and pandering towards his own species.


Day 85

Sunday, 26 Mar 2017

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RacPotBits (avatar)

RacPotBits Omg! They stick tgt!!!

1 year ago

sweetwineroses (avatar)

sweetwineroses @RacPotBits yeah!! This is the first meeting some more! 😍

1 year ago

geenia (avatar)

geenia Hi Sarah 👋🏼 omg I adopted my baby's husbun from BW too!!! hope Smokey finds a good husbun !!

1 year ago

sweetwineroses (avatar)

sweetwineroses @geenia Hi Genia!! 👋😊 glad to meet a fellow adopter! Your bunnies are so cute 😍😍 We adopted her previous husbun from BW too but he passed away from cancer early this month so we're trying again 😭

1 year ago

geenia (avatar)

geenia Wahaha are you in the Wa group???? Omg what a small sg hahaha are you guys trying again during the next drive or have you decided!

1 year ago

sweetwineroses (avatar)

sweetwineroses @geenia yes I am!! Haha small world indeed! We decided to adopt Brownie, a 6yo Lionhead Rex mix - waiting for the green light from BW 😉

1 year ago

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