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Xlash Mascara Fiber Review!

Up to catch the sunrise! No lah, the husband's back seemed to be causing him some pain so I'm on #wifeduty to make sure he is sleeping okay and all. Heart pain seeing him in pain 😥

Time lapse the video but the changes are so subtle that it'd be better if I time lapsed it another round but I'm so lazy to edit so here's 15 seconds of the pretty sunrise today.


Today's #letstalkmakeup

@kosmickittens gifted me this Xlash mascara fiber and I finally tried it!!

When I first saw this, I got a shock! Firstly, weird ass brush 😂 Secondly, it was completely dry??

So I went ahead and did a bit of googling and apparently you're suppose to use this with the Xlash mascara and while the mascara is wet on the lashes, use the fiber and coat the lashes and when the mascara dries, it seals the both together!

I didn't have the Xlash mascara so I went ahead and used the Loreal Telescopic Shocking Extension (which I always use anyway)

I didn't tightline so just the mascara on! I wonder how much difference would there be if I used the Xlash mascara. I have long lashes but it definitely added more length. I was more impressed with the volume it gave me!

I think the added length is more significant using the side views! Quite impressive huh.

Idk if my mascara wasn't 'wet' enough but the fibers were definitely falling out but nth a tissue couldn't solve. Cause it's just fibers, there wasn't any issue of smudging when you just wipe the fallouts. I think if I sealed with another coat of mascara, the fallouts would definitely reduce!

Because my Loreal Telescopic is waterproof, I used normal oil remover to remove and it's fairly simple! The fibers didn't irritate my eyes or stuck to them so removal process was 👍🏼!

Also, after all the googling, I couldn't stop thinking of the super-raved eyelash serum and........I went to order it online 🙊 Free shipping so not too bad.

My current Foltené eyelash conditioner is almost out and both the price ranges were about the same so I decided to take the plunge!

I mean, c'mon. Got so impressive anot????


Haha I'll take before pictures and do up another review in 2 weeks!

Day 28

Thursday, 28 Jan 2016

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porrraeto (avatar)

porrraeto Your view is amazing!! 😍

3 years ago

zillymah (avatar)

zillymah Ur view frm balcony is Rili awesome! Mind to share this is view from which floor?

3 years ago

swizzlecloud (avatar)

swizzlecloud That. Looks. Gorgeous.

3 years ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea @porrraeto it is right! I love it 😍😍😍

3 years ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea @zillymah it's above 20! 😊

3 years ago

yeelinlicious (avatar)

yeelinlicious I kept getting distracted by the lift on the left going up and down 😂

3 years ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea @yeelinliciousomg u damn funny 😂😂😂 I totally didn't notice it until u said hahaha

3 years ago

swedapura (avatar)

swedapura Your lashes already so nice without lashes!! :)

3 years ago

sweetpea (avatar)

sweetpea @swedapura heh thank u thank u 😁😊

3 years ago

swedapura (avatar)

swedapura haha oops i mean mascara of course:)

3 years ago

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