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The first pre-order has gone better than I expected 😭😭😭 Thank u, Dayreverse. I’ve alr booked my flights and I can’t wait to go back and handpick and carry them all back for you all.

Ive only put up 4 designs cause Idw to be too ambitious and then not be able to secure them. So if this goes well, I’ll be opening up the account and adding more designs!

But I’ll definitely be going there and bringing back more stocks and designs so I can have some in-stocks as well! Omg back one of my fave country everrrr. I freaking love Vietnam HAHAHAHAH maybe that’s where I was born in my past life LOL

The IG is @/bahskitkase and it’s still a private account cause I want to monitor traffic and sales for the first PO at least before opening it up.

It’s a saaaaad yet fulfilling moment when I realized I couldn’t twist this out anymore HAHA I love this lip balm. I love it even more than the Dior one. It is damn moisturizing and super easy for me to throw on some MLBB shade and give it some life on days I don’t wear makeup. It’s my permanent lip balm in my bag! Gotta go get a new one alr.

Feeling sassy in my #TTR super cute babydoll pleated dress so here’s an #ootd ! I think I like it more cause it’s in such a gorgeous earth tone shade. I don’t think I can pull off baby-shades anymore lol. Later ppl think I act young hahaha

Have been wearing these Rubi sandals to death. I am very picky when it comes to white footwear and it took me so many months to finally get these. I got a backup alr. Later they discontinue or my current one spoil how??? #issues really

My BIGASS Louvisa earrings that matched the dress perfectly. My short hair is pulling off all my fancypants earrings quite well leh, I feel. Die. Is this the point where Idw to grow back my hair anymore. I don’t miss it at all and I’m just waiting for it to hit me hahaha

Also using Laneige’s Two Tone Matte Lip Tone in No. 10 Soft Knit. It’s this soft dark rosy brown shade that is very very very nice. Omg thank u, Laneige for coming up with these new shades. Pls come out with 50 more maybe?? 😂

This Laneige range of lipstick is definitely one of my HG lipsticks of all time. I have been missing out on the past few monthly faves cause of the wedding but I am back!! Feels good to be back on regular routine so I decided to get back on track and do JAN 2018 FAVES since it’s end of the month already! #dayrebeauty

Plus I really wanted to take pictures with the pretty Pine on Paper calendar! Totally me with the wood stand.

So these are a few of my absolute go-to for Jan and some of them I’m running out already leh pls.

1. Jovisa Lash Tonic
• I got this from my lash place at Lash Up (IG@/lashup_sg) and they have made my lashes so strong!! I reviewed it here @sweetpea:060117 and you can see how they made my lashes longer too. I know they have made my lashes stronger when less extensions fall out. A good tonic to use nightly if u are on extensions for a long period of time.

2. Lucido-L Hair Wax (curls)

My hair is permed and if I let it air dry and go out like this, the wind tend to blow it all awry. So I just use abit of this and scrunch it all in and my hair stays bomb and in place all day. I loved using this when I curled my long hair and I find it works even better with my current one??? It keeps my curls in place and don’t have that typical wavy hair feeling.

3. Kosecosmeport Suncut UV Protect Gel SPF50+

I haven’t looked at the ingredients in detail yet but this feels sooooo nice. Like there’s just no discomfort, no sunscreen smell and just feels like nothing? Even my body moisturizer feels heavier. Because of the way it feels, I can spam it like no ones business and still feel damn comfy leh. I swear I’ve gotten fairer; esp my arms. I will be reviewing this whole range in a sunscreens’ review Part 4 once I tried out a few more.

4. Kosecosmeport Clear Turn White Mask (Hyaluronic Acid)

Still my current fave brightening mask from the drugstore. I’ve reviewed it here @sweetpea:311217 - I feel like the effects are even brighter than the MBD Squalene one. It also makes my skin so soft. I really like it.

5. Tahpre Special Care Mask

I reviewed this here @sweetpea:180118 and it’s feels sooooo nice. It completely blurred my pores and even tho it felt so moisturizing/hydrating, there was no tacky finish at all but still giving me a nice flow. It just gave me that very luxe feeling and the fact that the main ingredient is propolis just makes it even more bomb.

6. Tahpre Jealous Moist Shower Ampoule

I’ve been religiously using this and dropping a drop into my serum and moisturizer and my skin has been quite plump and hydrated. My skin has been going up and down and it’s worse during PMS and my skin will get really dry. I’m PMS-ing now and my skin has no dry sensation at all - even after sunscreen and hours after, my skin has no taut or dry sensation. Plus it’s such a big bottle. I luv it.

6. Tahpre Jealous Moist Shower Ampoule

I’ve been religiously using this and dropping a drop into my serum and moisturizer and my skin has been quite plump and hydrated. My skin has been going up and down and it’s worse during PMS and my skin will get really dry. I’m PMS-ing now and my skin has no dry sensation at all - even after sunscreen and hours after, my skin has no taut or dry sensation. Plus it’s such a big bottle. I luv it.

7. Laneige Two Tone Matte Lip Bar

I cannot rave about this enough. I think everyone alr knows how much I love this range hahahaha it has the most gorgeous range and No. 10 in Soft Knit is my kinda MLBB with a nice tinge of rosy brown.

I signed up for the workshop I signed up for the workshop~ *do happy dance*

Actually, the husband signed me up for it cause I’ve been talking about it nonstop! He’s the best.

Went to get papers and ONE good brush to practice before I forget everything I learnt in the workshop. I really love workshops LOL I can’t wait to attend Natalie’s one alr

Wanna sell baskets, wanna paint, wanna weave, wanna research skincare, wanna play with makeup, on top of that still got housework and teaching. Y do I do dis to myself.

I just went around IG to look for inspiration and started practicing by copying. I legit just look for pieces that I think I can do and try and imitate to get control over colors and strokes. I just wanna do this for fun lah. It was a pretty nice way to spend the rainy afternoon with the husband playing poker on his phone beside me haha

Yknow you’re turning old when u don’t wanna go shopping cause u think of weekend crowds and prefer to spend it at home.

Went to Urban Revivo cause I’ve been wanting to check out their stuff for awhile ever seeing Dreachong advertise for them.

Sadly, I left with nth. I tried this dainty bell sleeve piece that was really v pretty but erm, damn sexy, I kenot. It’s not even crop top k. It’s just an alternative fancy bra covering. Wait, no, it doesn’t even cover bra. Kenot. Also, ignore tummy lol I’ve been indulging cause WEDDING OVER 🙆🏻‍♀️

This looks fine like in this pic but irl, it’s DAMN LOW CUT. Hello, Urban Revivo, y ur pieces so sexy.

The fit all was fine and the material felt so comfy and nice too. Plus I feel like the prices were all relatively okay??

Another wrap piece that looks awfully indecent irl. They have a lot of wrap pieces in diff designs so it’s not like I purposely picked all of these leh?? Fml.

Can u also tell how the wrapped part keeps bunching up in weird places?? Idk lah. I just gave up after these few on pieces cause damn sian. Maybe I’ll give them a chance next time and try stuff that aren’t wrapped HAHA

Received these cookies from Old Seng Choong, and if u remember my mooncake festival posts, u know I bought like, 5 boxes of their mooncake cause it’s just absolute heaven. So I was quite excited to try the new year cookies.

But first up, check out those GORGEOUS prints. I’m very into these peranakan designs and I’m gonna keep ‘em containers. Idk what I’m gonna do with them yet but next time can use as holders in the kitchen??? Omg so nice.

The cookies come in diff local flavors like BKT, Laksa etc. and I received the Cereal Prawn and Earl Grey one. I’m allergic to prawn so I can’t try the former LOL but the husband and SIL did! Husband said it tasted like keropoke but my SIL did not like it haha

It does smell very strongly of hae bee hiam! Y’all don’t know how sad it is to develop an allergy to prawns at 19. Well...unless you also cannot eat lah HAHA I loved hokkien mee ok. Now I can only look on sadly.

The earl grey one goes really well with erm, everything omg I loved it. It’s not overly sweet so u can eat ALOT at one go. It feels a lot like a famous Amos cookie?? Idk how to describe, but it’s bomb.

My ABSOLUTE FAVE is the pineapple tarts. I’m so amazed there’s diff flavors?? I’ve only ever had normal pineapple tarts in my life HAHA I accidentally ate one Nyonya one and it has kicccck. I’ve NEVER had spicy pineapple tarts in my life before.

Look at how FAT this is 😍😍😍 So buttery, so melty, SO GOOD.

Can I have a ginormous pineapple tart cake for my birthday LOL. Btw, you know how I know the tarts are good? I already finish all the regular ones. No more liao. I ate all of them and the husband had 1 bite. I can’t eat more of the spicy one cause it has shrimp in it and y’all dk how sad I am because of that. I actually nibbled the buttery crust and made the husband finish the filling. I LOVE PINEAPPLE TARTS.

If you like regular buttery pineapple tarts, these cute babies will be right up your alley. Not so much the spicy ones, I feel. I’m not a huge fan of that cause spicy food numbs my tongue and I can’t taste the buttery melty goodness??? I highly recommend the earl grey cookies cause they are SO GOOD. Subtle but filled with flavor at the same time. #dayrefatties

Day 29

Monday, 29 Jan 2018

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saraleah (avatar)

saraleah Pea! Can you carry in beaded slippers from Vietnam!!! 🙂 please !!!

1 year ago

iwanthappiness (avatar)

iwanthappiness hi, where is ur sandals from?

1 year ago

eniamrahc (avatar)

eniamrahc Hi, which shade for your laneige lip balm?

1 year ago

chuamichy (avatar)

chuamichy I mad love the laneige lipbalm too! Asked my friend to buy 5 for me when she flew to Korea previously

1 year ago

ellenxxxo (avatar)

ellenxxxo ^ YES to the pointy beaded slippers too!!!

1 year ago

axfunday (avatar)

axfunday I have the same TTR dress and my only complaint is the sleeves are too long, and the excess fabric rests a bit awkwardly because of the pleats....

1 year ago

edenyleve (avatar)

edenyleve the urban revivo bell sleeve top looks like it would look good over a white camisole actually! then can be less indecent also 😅

1 year ago

qiulingg (avatar)

qiulingg Hi Pea! Can you do a post on why the foundation separates? I have been trying some cushion foundation and liquid foundation and all separates. Once I apply it on my face, I can immediately see patches on my face. I have googled and it says because of soluble and insoluble products that I used but I don’t think it’s the problem.

1 year ago

glowydays (avatar)

glowydays Omg! Thank you for the recommendation regarding old Seng Choon! 😌 I was racking my brains on what to get my future Mother in law 😂 Guess some good cookies would do the trick!

1 year ago

pinksodaz (avatar)

pinksodaz I suddenly started to develop an allergy to prawns when I was a teenager too, so I get how sad it can be. Thankfully I can eat all other seafood aside from prawns! On a side note, I realise that we have some strange similiarities. Previously it was the ‘finger eczema hence can’t pass airport security’ thing and now prawn allergies haha

1 year ago

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