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February 2019

Sis came back from her CNY lunch with her company last Wednesday. As usual, her big boss, whom is her boss’s dad, gave her $1K ang pow. She showed Luzio the big note & he said that Aunt took his one thousand. Haha! 🤑Later, when my dad gave an ang POW to my cousin’s girlfriend, Luzio went telling her that inside one thousand. Oh my. Why he starts going around scaring people! 😅

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January 2019

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Smart Luzio

Luzio is getting too smart...I told him that he could have his comfort pillow on Tue & Thu. He said okay. But last Sunday, he could not wait to get it! Bcos over the weekend, he went without it. Strange that he could manage without it through the weekend, so can’t he go w/o it through the week? 🤔So I gave in to him and instead he could have it on Sun, Mon & Wed. When Tue came, he asked me for it. I said no. He went outside and came back to ask for it again.

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