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Made this for breakfast today!

Hahahha who am I kidding, I can't possibly go from the ability to cook scrambled eggs to cooking egg Benedict overnight.

Having brunch at the cafe next to our house (like literally 30 steps away) called the morning after. I took super long to decide what to order cos I can't justify paying for something I can cook at home. Egg Benedict it is then! Dunno how to make poached eggs and hollandaise sauce 😌

Karthik was reading to me news about PAS and PKR in super serious voice when I felt the piece of spinach in my mouth. Yay gold mine! I looked at him seriously then smiled creepily and said "what were you saying again?"

He didn't even bat an eyelid and just continued on as if he didn't see it!!!! 😩😐
Granted, I do this quite often la hahaha. But still sad so I have to put it here so my effort won't go wasted wtf

Edamame for post afternoon snacks 👍
RM10 for two servings of frozen edamame

I've been trying to get Karthik to write a guest post here on his side of the story on planning the proposal but he doesn't want! It's super sweet one and involves a lot of sneaking around hahah. Today he was cleaning up his box of things from the office and showed me the paper bag the ring came in. "I had to hide this super carefully in a very secluded box in the office so you won't find out!"

Do you guys wanna hear his side of what happened?? Maybe I'll ask him to narrate and I'll write haha

Hahaha sorry I'll write the post tomorrow! Tonight we're busy dancing to Taylor Swift with baby Amelia hahah. She loves to dance man, and she dances better than me! Actually she's not a baby anymore la, almost 2 already!

I'm the ultimate aunty la hahaha cutting coupons so can use for grocery shopping later 😂

Phew it's hard work taking care of a toddler. Time to rest and drink the mini wine I got from Labuan for RM12 haha. No idea how hard it is to take care of kids 24/7 man

Karthik went out for drinks with a friend so I'm watching the new season of OITNB! With freshly popped popcorn I got from Labuan heh, though not huge fan of american buttered popcorn.

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Saturday, 20 Jun 2015

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LoveLaughLive (avatar)

LoveLaughLive Haha I have the same mindset too 😂😂😂I always order stuff I can't cook at home just because I feel it's not worth it 😅 I always avoid ordering pasta unless it's handmade pasta cos I feel like anyone can boil store bought pasta, throw some sauce on top and charge RM20-30 per portion wtf #kiamsiap

3 years ago

islandgirl (avatar)

islandgirl @sweatlee omg I always order safe dishes like pasta or big breakfast cause they cannot screw up those right? Anyway...imma be adventurous from now on and order food I cannot cook at home.

I always do the food-stuck-on-my-teeth thing. my sisters and I love to use red bean to do it when we drink red bean soup. Of course I made my fiancé do it too. And then we will have a good laugh over it.

3 years ago

annabelleleeee (avatar)

annabelleleeee Yes!! I wanna hear his side too 😁

3 years ago

skeikei (avatar)

skeikei yessssss we want to knowwww if you dont mind hehe

3 years ago

andreawongml (avatar)

andreawongml Yesssssss pleaseeeeee!!!

3 years ago

cheamsherwen (avatar)

cheamsherwen YES WE WANT TO KNOW! :D

3 years ago

guavavahs (avatar)

guavavahs omggg want to know!! pweeeeee? hahahah using fighter's pweee might do the magic. nyehehehe

3 years ago

wendyteo (avatar)

wendyteo yes yes yes pls! 😆

3 years ago

thecakewhisperer (avatar)

thecakewhisperer Yes yes yes karthik karthik karthik /waves pompoms

3 years ago

gtanmy89 (avatar)

gtanmy89 yes!!

3 years ago

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