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Home alas! 🇲🇾 + Barcelona 🇪🇸

I'm home!

Hahaha breaking news like so important. Okla at least it's important to my husband who couldn't stop hugging me last night at home and being all like "you're home for good now!" and "you can be my real wife now not some virtual wife I see on the phone" lolol

Haven't updated at all the last few weeks but we had an amazing time in our last few weeks in London and Europe! Update slowly today since I'm super free and have nothing to do but laundry and clean the house #bumlife

So good to be home and seeing this view again 😍 sadly, we're moving out of this paradise we've lived in for the last 3 years cos we're getting a slightly bigger place in a more central location! Last week here before moving so I'm just gonna live off my suitcase la no need to unpack.

So much back to back excitement! Travelled for a few weeks, moved back home and now moving house. Once I settle down proper I'd be so bored like that! Which means I'd have to also start looking for a job again 😭

K updates!
So first of all, I'm done with my masters! Printed and hard bound my 21,540 words dissertation and sent it in with so much pride for having accomplished something I thought I wouldn't be able to finish. PhD next? Hahaha jokes

Too happy to have Karthik with me the day I submitted it! Plus it was on the 31st of August so it was very significant to have my biggest supporter + my country's independence day since the reason why I'm in education in the first place was because of my love for Malaysia.

When I have time in the future I'll share more about my research topic! Must remember to do it so I don't waste all that research, studying and writing for nothing haha

Spent my last week in London with such perfect weather! Karthik had to work all week since he was technically not on leave so we were in the Google office in London which is super nice. Nice mainly cos got free food all day everyday and free coffee!

Basically everything is free for me cos I don't have to give my life and work like crazy but not so much for the's a nice place to work in but the expectations they have on you are insane. Guess luxuries always come at a big price 😔

Anyway, packed everything up in a day and said goodbye to my room one last time, and off we left!

To see this boy 😘😘😘

My nephew is 6 weeks old now! Can't believe how fast he's grown since the last time I saw him when he was only 2 weeks old. Asked my husband to take this pic so I can show baby H every year when he's older so he remembers who his fav aunt is wtf

Remember to always yawn and eat your greens!

LOLOL Pete said this pic looks like we just adopted a child. Child is like who dis?

This one cannot show him. Chugging beer while he sleeps lolol

Omg couldn't continue cos I KO-ed all day from the jetlag and house chores.

Anyway after seeing my sis and nephew, went to Barcelona for a few days as our last trip everrrr for a while.

Barcelona came highly recommended and it did not disappoint indeed. Everything about this city is amazing, the weather, food, beach!!! Things to see etc. People I felt were less friendly but I think it's cos of the recent anti tourists sentiment and attacks so people are more weary?

Our Airbnb has the best view of the city! This fella had to work also but issokay la he's helping fund the holiday what to do. Plus, who can say no to working with this view??

There was a lot of queueing up for food cos all the good famous places are tiny and always packed! We waited 30+ mins for this one which is considered mild cos it was a weekday haha

This one is super popular but only waited for 15 mins not bad la

Selfie while waiting!

This iberico with croquets are the besttttt

In la Pepita, a fusion tapas restaurant where everything is mind-blowing. Every single dish got us so excited cos they're crazy delicious. Seabass with strawberries, foie gras with white chocolate (felt bad eating this but I've never tried foie gras before...), Corn ice cream with caramel pop corn..

Everything here is amazing! The squid and prawns....🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

Ok in case you do go Barcelona I have a list of recommendations for the best restaurants in the city! It's a list given by a few friends and they were SOOOO good. Like better than a lot of things I've eaten in my life kinda good. If you've travelled around Europe you'd know the food is the least amazing thing about the places but Spanish food is a different league!

This is from the surprise menu in bodega Biarritz! They'll just surprise us with whatever and they're really good 😍

Paella, but of course. This one was near the beach somewhere. Really good but it was too filling and starchy so we were in food coma all day cos of it haha

There are many markets too so good these surprisingly good combo of meat and coconut juice to snack on 😳 no joke, Karthik and I both gained weight after this trip hahaha

Churros at churreria laetaina are much better than the best ones I had in Madrid! The hot choc was homemade right in front of us and it's a family-run cafe so you must try it if you're going.

Finally, this is the best baby squids ever from cerverceria catalana. Every bite was orgasmic like crazy 😭 how can something so simple be so perfect!

So go try all these k! In order of preference:

1. La Pepita
2. El Xampanyet
3. Cerverceria catalana
4. Churros at churreria laetaina
5. Ciudad condal
6. Paella anywhere

#barcelona #dayrefatties

It would be remiss of us to not visit the most famous thing about Barcelona : the sagrada familia! It was quite expensive to enter so I hesitated but omg super worth it.

Everything about it is nothing I've ever seen before in all the cathedrals and buildings I've visited. It was so thoughtfully designed by Gaudi and all the structures were symbolic and aesthetically beautiful.

He used forests as inspiration and the pillars are supposed to replicate trees reaching up towards the sunlight. All the windows and glass ceilings let in light differently to imitate the feeling of being in a forest. I just cannot imagine the work that was put in place to create this place 😍

It was also freaking majestic. The audio guide played some organ music when we entered and I literally stopped breathing for a few seconds just so I could take it all in. The magnitude and beauty of it all, I remember feeling so grateful and honored to be there 😭

K rest first from my loooong updates, wanna continue watching Madmen. Here's one of us enjoying our balcony time ❤️ both look so happy cos on holiday hahah

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Monday, 18 Sep 2017

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philomath (avatar)

philomath welcome home!

1 year ago

pokedough (avatar)

pokedough Welcome back!! Time flies eh

1 year ago

jmeei (avatar)

jmeei Welcome home! Hehe I know how you feel - I keep telling Col "I'm still here" cos sometimes it still feels surreal that I don't need to fly back 🙂

1 year ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Welcome home!! Selamat pulang ke tanah air!

1 year ago

ChrysanthemumTea (avatar)

ChrysanthemumTea @sweatlee omg you went to Catalana and CC! Did you try the fried Camembert? Just thinking about it now makes me 🤤🤤 #pregnancycravings

1 year ago

yehyee (avatar)

yehyee Welcome back to tanah air!

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @philomath thank you!!

@pokedough thanks! it does indeed in retrospect, but going through it it did feel quite long la hahaha

@jmeei thanks babyyyy see you soon 😍😍

@hollibear terima kasih! it's good to be back :)

@ChrysanthemumTea I didn't! haha I tried it before somewhere else but not a big fan cos super jelak. now I regret 😭

@yehyee thank you! so happy to be home!

1 year ago

whytea91 (avatar)

whytea91 Omg. Just reading la peptita and im salivating! 🤤

1 year ago

rachelklf (avatar)

rachelklf I had La Pepita 3 nights in a row last summer! I love the golden pepita 😋😋

1 year ago

cyik922 (avatar)

cyik922 Welcome back!

1 year ago

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