Suet Li (avatar)
updated 10 months ago

Omg I'm still awake now (2am) cos it's sooooo freaking warm!!!

Gah it's 28c and I don't have a fan in my room, sweating so much. London, why you so hot?? Think I'll have to get a fan tomorrow or I'll melt in my bed.

Actually super excited can't sleep cos 1. Someone special is coming to London in a few days! Not Karthik cos 2. He just got his flight here for Sept! Still have to wait 2.5 months to see him 😱😭 but issokay I need to focus on writing anyway.


Fans are all out of stock!!!!

Omg I'm melting. Where else can I get a fan here in London??!

This is Malaysian weather except I have neither a fan nor an air conditioner at home 😱😱😱😰😰😰😰

Came to the library cos I thought there'll be air-conditioning here...

I thought wrong.

There are a grand total of 5 people in the library which is super rare, but I have to stay and write cos I'd feel super guilty if I came all the way and I don't!

Imagine going to your office in this weather and there's no air-conditioner AND fan. It's horrible 😭 how do people survive the summer here?? Actually I think people love it, tons of half naked Londoners sunbathing in the parks today 😰

Day 170

Monday, 19 Jun 2017

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chocolateganache (avatar)

chocolateganache Wow, that is hot for London!

10 months ago

kimberzilla (avatar)

kimberzilla Don't kena heat stroke pls!!

10 months ago

justpeachy (avatar)

justpeachy Hope you get a fan soon! My first summer in Perth had weeks that average at 35 and I still refused to turn the aircon on cos I didn't want to pay for it 😂 never again...

10 months ago

shannshine (avatar)

shannshine How do you cope with that heat?! 😱 I'm so worried now because I will be in Munich and london in july, i'd purposely bought those 3-inch portable fan coz knowing them, confirm not going to be any aircon / fan in where I will be staying 😭

10 months ago

heynyonya (avatar)

heynyonya Try Amazon prime? I feel like I'm in hell right now cos it's so hot 🔥🔥🔥

10 months ago

chiasing (avatar)

chiasing Amazon!

10 months ago

iamqsl (avatar)

iamqsl I dont know if u live any of these but places like Poundstretcher, B&Q might sell. Or even neighbourhood hardware shops! Hope u find one!!

10 months ago

rylsf (avatar)

rylsf I just arrived ldn today! Ive never been here n didnt expect the weather to be this hot. Our hotel doesnt have a fan either! Only heating! 😖

10 months ago

alexandritesg (avatar)

alexandritesg I just ordered my fan from Home Bargains. Maybe you can try looking for it on their website 😀

10 months ago

belindat (avatar)

belindat It was really hot in London. I am surprised that some eateries do not have air conditioning. Found a Pret A Manger with aircon and that's where I cool myself down.

10 months ago

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