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Eternal sunshine of the postgrad life

Wah I didn't think I could but I replied all your comments in my @sweatlee:080617 post! I figured it's only fair since you guys left such thoughtful comments and I feel incredibly honored to have people who have followed me for over a decade :')

The only problem is it's damn hard to reply to comments on dayre cos comments can't be threaded so I had to scroll and reply, sometimes accidentally exiting and had to rewrite everything again 😭

Anyway I'm super semangat now and will blog more!

Maybe it's a way to procrastinate la. I have 20,000 words to write for my dissertation and I have not even's due in 2 months.....which means I have to write at least 500 words a day consistently every single day for the next two months........

I'm the most chill postgrad student ever hahaha.

Any PG/PhD students here? Wanna form a support group so we can rant and commiserate together? We can all sit in a circle and go "Hi my name is ___ and I've sold my soul to books" wtf

It's been incredibly warm this whole week, so much so that I had to close my curtains for fear of getting burned lol.

Unfortunately I've also been stuck indoors cos I need to read so muchhhh! Sorry if my writing style has veered towards being more serious and proper, it's because of all these academic readings and writing I've been doing. I'll revert to my wtf self soon enough..

I'm very much a pen and paper person and I need to visualize​ everything so I devoted a large chunk on planning my dissertation-writing. Had so much fun doing this that when I saw I planned for at least 500 words/day, I panicked and decided to watch Netflix all day hahahahahahaha fail.

If you squint, you can see that the timetable looks like this:

MON morning: breakfast, read 1 journal, work at cafe
MON afternoon: lunch, write 250 words
MON evening: dinner, write 250 words

TUE morning: breakfast, read 1 journal, workout
TUE afternoon: lunch, write 250 words
TUE evening: dinner, write 250 words

😱😱😱😱 All the way till Sunday 😱😱

Not scary ah??! Of course I freaked out. Which explains why it's Friday now and I have not done anything HAHA

Written 0 words and done 0 workout hahaha

I've also been bullet journaling since early this year since I love planning so much. Shanshan is coming over next week so I planned all my work in advance in anticipation, and planned her trip here too! We're going to Edinburgh 😬

Only thing that I stuck to in the timetable is going to work in the cafe cos I can't escape that hahaha. Btw I've mastered the art of making almost perfect summer rolls! Still too fat cos I always put too much #fattybombom

It's filled with roast duck, vermicelli, salad, coriander and Sriracha! Super good if I must say so myself.....πŸ€—

Woi I really need to slap myself awake. At this rate, I'll probably go back home without my masters and will have to open a Vietnamese restaurant wtf

Just finished the last episode of the Handmaid's Tale! So freaking good and I love how much they followed the book's storyline + made it even better.

If you haven't read the book or watched the series, it's basically set in a dystopian future (some may argue not so dystopian given the state of things..) where people are infertile and only a group of women can conceive. This is also a future where they reverted to following everything in the Bible and used it to govern the new America (Gilead​)

Anyway, this group of women who can conceive became handmaids, essentially concubines to be sent to influential men's homes where they'd be raped (they call it the "ceremony") and if they get pregnant, the child belongs to that family and they'll be sent to another. All part God's will it seems.

So yeah that's basically the premise. It's rare to reproduce a book so well but I think they definitely did it! Along with Big Little Lies this year which was done really well too.


If I don't go home with my masters (choi), at least I can cook and be a TV show critic given how many shows I've watched wtf

Seriously, Suet Li Liew, you have gotta start working and stop planning. It's been three weeks wtf and you have not written a single thing.

In my defense, I found this really cool post-it notes that use electrostatic charge so they don't actually stick on the wall! You can move them around easily cos they're just stuck to the surface purely due to physics. HOW COOL IS THAT??!

So yeah......this is the latest addition on my wall. Along with 3 other planners/timetables​ hahaha #overkill

Day 167

Friday, 16 Jun 2017

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aboutwang (avatar)

aboutwang 20,000 words!! 😱 Bestest of luck Suet. Hope you achieve what you set to achieve! I used to write plans but never followed through now I don't even bother lol. Can't trust myself! Looking forward for your future blogposts :)))

1 year ago

shannshine (avatar)

shannshine 20000 words 😱 i don't rmb writing so much for my masters
Mind if I ask how do you cope with the warm weather in uk since their homes usually doesn't have aircon or even fans? 😁

1 year ago

gracieshortie (avatar)

gracieshortie Haha I tried to write daily but realised that it's IMPOSSIBLE! Better to devote full days to reading journals (& highlighting points to insert into dissertation) and then writing dissertation! 😜 once you get your writing mojo on, it's hard to stop ✌️ good luck!

1 year ago

catztar (avatar)

catztar Jiayou.....

1 year ago

SleepySleeperson (avatar)

SleepySleeperson Omg. Even 5000 words I want to give up let alone 20000 with a daily quota to boot

1 year ago

yvonnetayxoxo (avatar)

yvonnetayxoxo Jia you!! I feel you! I'm currently doing my postgraduate.. just done with my proposal defense.. oh man... the process of doing this whole thing is torturing and requires constant commitment. I was given 3 months to finish the first three chapters but I damn chill and dragged it for 2 months and started doing it on the 3rd month. Managed to get it done tho...with the condition that I read journal and write all day erday for that 30 days. Soooooooo tired but i believe it'll be all worth it at the end! Let's work hard tgt!! I'm currently doing my data analysis now.. ✌🏼✌🏼

1 year ago

gtanmy89 (avatar)

gtanmy89 Halo I'm a master student going to do my PhD. Insomnia has always been an issue until journals are in front of me hahaha. It's d best to force yourself to sit down to write until the chapter is finish! Good luck !

1 year ago

Bubbleeesss (avatar)

Bubbleeesss πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ I'm a PhD student who just submitted my thesis. I took about 4 months to write my 80k words thesis so yes, 20k in 2 months is doable. 😊😊 Hang in there,the end is near.

1 year ago

shalanegan (avatar)

shalanegan No no, cannot count like that. When your 'idea' is here, you will write more than 500 words! Probably 5000 words a day hahahaha

1 year ago

withtintin (avatar)

withtintin I rly lol-ed a few times reading this πŸ˜‚ good luck w ur paper sweat!! 🀣

1 year ago

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