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I mean, I haven't been a good blogger on dayre the last few months but dayre is so precious to me. It's where I've connected to most of my old readers and new ones, and got the most valuable and meaningful advice and comments.

Shit I'm so upset, but I also understand why it has to be done. And I guess it's time to accept this as natural progression of how things and life are..

I kept thinking that I'll be at such a loss cos I wouldn't have anywhere to put all my inner thoughts and feelings now, but tbh I've also outgrown penning those things down so maybe it's just how things will be.

Thanks for following me for so many years (14 years for some of you 😱), I'll be on instastory still and if I do update again, I'll make sure it's mentioned there too.

This has been a wonderful platform filled with the most wonderful people, and I'll truly miss everyone!

I thought this would be where I'd announce my pregnancy and post updates on my future kid(s) and get tips on motherhood, but I guess not now 😭😭 but I don't wanna go on those fb groups for that how?? 😭😭

Can you guys promise that if I blog about these things in a potentially private blog, you'll come and read and comment there??? I don't know what other platforms are there to do this and Instagram is too curated for that.

Anyway, thank you for the last 5? yrs and hope this is not goodbye!

Day 40

Friday, 9 Feb 2018

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ybgfry (avatar)

ybgfry yes I would read and comment!

11 months ago

SleepySleeperson (avatar)

SleepySleeperson All the best and I would love to leave a comment if and when you do blog about your happy news !

11 months ago

theteddybear (avatar)

theteddybear i would read abd comment!

11 months ago

mechy19 (avatar)

mechy19 Haha yes would love to read and comment!

11 months ago

Eviee (avatar)

Eviee Pls let me know where you’ll be going blog next- I would love to read your updates on married life and cute babies!

11 months ago

sillycheese (avatar)

sillycheese I’ve been reading your blog since 8-10 years ago! And I would loveeee to read and comment about your happy news! And every other news too! :)

11 months ago

foundintheecho (avatar)

foundintheecho all the best! I'll miss your posts

11 months ago

gimmycamy (avatar)

gimmycamy Please announce where you will be writing. I love to read because you have a way with words!

11 months ago

mijjj (avatar)

mijjj I will definitely be keeping an eye out for your updates! I’ve been reading your blog since 2007 :)

11 months ago

hollibear (avatar)

hollibear Noooo i definitely want to be apart of future kopisusu babies journey

11 months ago

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