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Last year as a 20-something

Today I mourn the loss of millions of brave soldiers and a self-sacrificing lone heroine for putting themselves out there in the battlefield. (AKA I got my period). Have heart platoon, we shall attempt this reunification next month.

#TTC #TTCfail

Maybe I should get a dayre plus so I can talk about these things hahah

Just took a 2-hour midmorning nap cos being unemployed is tiring wtf. Also I'm having a really annoying headache and body feels really weak also. Direct results of the bloody outcome of said failed battle I guess 😢

Anyway, I turned 29 yesterday!

πŸ₯‚ Big girl already. Although for some reason I feel very young still probably because I just spent a year as a student and I'm still chillin' now, my body does not feel the same πŸ˜‘

Baby Ava is now 14-months old 😱 Esther delivered her the day after my wedding! so she's always the special baby who spent her last day in the womb on stage for the entirety of my Indian wedding wtf hahaha

Had Malay food for dinner at Bijan, then went to TREC for drinks and dancing since I've never been (the clubs were filled with 18 year olds, don't think I'll ever go there again πŸ˜’) but the highlight of the night is 3am steamed prawns and porridge! Hahaha things I couldn't do back in London for sure.

Here's us being super excited for some prawns 🦐

An all in one celebration!

After you turn 25 or so, every birthday after that is just...meh. I often forget how old I am and have to minus backwards just to be sure (ie 2017-1988) haha

I'm reading this book on aging by Atul gawande (book is called being mortal) and I'm painfully aware of the realities of growing old now, but I also want to make sure that awareness doesn't lead to depression but hopefully a more heightened sense of appreciation of my time in this world.

I've been spending so much time with my nieces cos they're as free as I am now hahaha. Hard to find unemployed peers so hang out with unemployed kids instead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Sigh today I just feel like lying down on my couch all day and be sad. Feel so moody for the last few days now for no reason at all and I don't wanna blame my hormones but i just feel so down and useless. Tried to pack since we're moving out but even then was quite half-hearted. Gahhh I need to buck up and get over myself! πŸ˜₯

I'm a little surprised to watch this video cos it just goes to show how superficial and shallow this world of social media is.
Not just the act of buying followers, but also the act of exposing others and talking about it as if it matters a great deal. I guess it's the world we live in now, which is a lot like that episode on black mirror where the society is governed by our social media influence.

If only other more important causes out there get a fraction of this much effort and energy...

Day 268

Monday, 25 Sep 2017

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bunnynoms (avatar)

bunnynoms Wah.. I thought you saying bye to dayre. Lol. Ganbatte!

1 year ago

philomath (avatar)

philomath all the best!

1 year ago

little_flower (avatar)

little_flower πŸ˜‚

1 year ago

beadingaddict (avatar)

beadingaddict No stress!!! The general has to work harder to produce more soldiers

1 year ago

cikumuffin (avatar)

cikumuffin HUGS! Keep making love! 😍

1 year ago

hansliana (avatar)

hansliana make it fun and enjoyable! :D
have been ttc-ing for 2yrs+ (for 2nd child)

1 year ago

pinkpigsfly (avatar)

pinkpigsfly Gambatte ❀️❀️

1 year ago

adderethwrites (avatar)

adderethwrites Lol!! This is a really creative way of seeing this issue haha. I'm trying to conceive now too, please don't buy dayre plus so that you can share with more of us like-minded people here! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ˜Š @sweatlee

1 year ago

dubba (avatar)

dubba it's ok, try harder! one day 5 times!

1 year ago

Adapttochange (avatar)

Adapttochange Keep trying!! It will come when you least expect it to πŸ’ͺ🏻

1 year ago

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