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I have submitted my dissertation for printing! Phew after 3 months of writing and reading and devoting most of my waking hours to this, it's great to finally be done.

21,205 words. Insane. I still feel like it could be so much better if I had time to rewrite, but at this point I just want to be done!

Mostly because...

Karthik will be here tomorrow 😍

Yes, ze husband is coming here again but for the last time, cos he'll be bringing his wife home with him this time 😂

Starting from tomorrow, I'll enjoy London as much as I can since it'll be my last week here. Then I'll be off to Leeds to see my sis, BIL and nephew again before going to Barcelona 😍 can't wait!

Feeling a little nervous cos I haven't seen my husband in FOUR freaking months!! This is the thing with LDR, you get all excited, nervous and a little awkward but the reunion is also the best part! I'm sure it'll go back to normal the minute after but I'll cherish this feeling for the last time now :)

Also a bit nervous that something will go wrong with the printing and I won't get to submit my dissertation before the deadline! But I think it'll be fine, I'm just preparing for the worst.

Quite angry that we had to print two copies and waste so much paper AND pay such a ridiculous amount for it. But at this point I just wanna finish it so got no energy to be stingy anymore. Just take my money la I just wanna get a distinction wtf *kiasu

Sei now very excited cannot sleep.

the last time he came, I told him to take the train then Uber to my house cos I didn't wanna wake up at 6am hahaha #lazywife
Then I think he felt a bit sad la came all the way, flew for 15 hours, then had to take train and Uber alone somemore hahaha.

My friends here always go all the way to the airport to pick up their bf/parents/friends, making me feel like such a lousy wife hahaha. Thankfully he arrives at 2pm tomorrow so I'll go to the airport to get him!

Trying to think of what to bring to greet him. Don't think he'd appreciate flowers or a card. The last time he came he was so obsessed with kebabs so maybe should greet him with one wtf

Stand there waving my arms excitedly with a kebab in each hand hahaha 🤷🙆🌯🙅🌯 (pretend this is a wave)

Oh man I'll miss crumpets for sure! Thanks for the recommendation @higarethdavies
, it was the first thing I had here and have loved it since. Cheap, filling and delicious with lemon curd ❤️ it's basically like pancakes + the pancake with corn and peanut thing combined that you can find in pasar malam. What's that called ah? Ban Chan kueh?


Still can't believe he's here finally 😍 goodbye LDR foreverrrrrr (hopefully)

Having Five Guys to celebrate (the burger, not five men wtf) and he's been konked out since 8pm cos of the jetlag. Yay I have someone next to me everyday again and don't have to keep my thoughts to myself anymore heheh

Though before I picked him up, I did think I'll miss this independent and somewhat melancholic one year here. Somehow, when you're alone, everything seems more emo than normal.

For example, I'd walk around the city with earphones and music on and that just brings about some sort of introspective mood. Or I'd walk past buskers in the tube and feel strangely melancholic listening to them and feel more connected to my feelings when I'm alone in a foreign place.

But when I'm with someone, I appreciate little things like that less since I'd be talking or be distracted. I guess I've grown to enjoy being on my own now too (which is something I used to hate) 🙂

I guess it just means that I love myself more now haha. That's one really great thing that being in an LDR has given us (besides strengthening our relationship).

Because we've lived together for years, I used to rely on him a little too much for my own happiness. Like if he needs to stay at work longer, I'd get upset cos my happiness is all about being with him and I didn't wanna be alone.

As much as I love my husband, it's great that I don't feel that I need him with me 24/7 to make me happy

Though for the next 2 weeks, I'm not gonna let him leave my sight at all and he even made me promise I'd hold his hand as he sleeps now hahaha

But yeah, it's nice to know we're our own person, have our own friends and own hobbies too. I really needed this one year to refresh myself a little, both personally and professionally, and I've been really satisfied with my growth so far :)

Can't believe it's come to an end now, but also looking forward to my next journey!

K need to hold his hand now

Day 242

Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017

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fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine That's a burrito wtf hahahaha

1 year ago

donnalim (avatar)

donnalim hahaha.. can so imagine u holding 2 kebabs with big wide smile waving hands at the airport. ahhh.. time passes so fast, the young bloggers i followed religiously 10 years ago are now happily married and have kids (referring to blogger above my comment lolol)

1 year ago

donnalim (avatar)

donnalim and.. i am pumping at work while writing this, boo.. even tho we dont know each other irl, but feels like we all grow old together. hahaha.. thank you for sharing your fantastic and adventurous life story with us (the readers)
actly we have one common friend in fb, so technically you are my friend's friend and Audrey is my friend's friend's friend wtf hahaha.. #shamelesslyactfamiliarwtf

1 year ago

joannawkl (avatar)

joannawkl Haha bring one of those signs that say "Welcome xyz Flight number MH004" or something? :) Cracks my friends and family up all (most of) the time!

1 year ago

diamonddy (avatar)

diamonddy All the best!!!

1 year ago

pokedough (avatar)

pokedough Apam balik??

1 year ago

higarethdavies (avatar)

higarethdavies You can buy them here at M&S just recently, I have 2 packs in freezer right now haha. Glad you enjoyed!

1 year ago

pixiecola (avatar)

pixiecola Hi not sure if you have tried Dishroom yet? It was one of my Favourite place to go

1 year ago

isleepalot (avatar)

isleepalot So so... what did you bring to greet him? 😁

1 year ago

consumerpey (avatar)

consumerpey yo! that's our favourite karthrik lol

1 year ago

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