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updated 1 year ago

Home! for now

I'm home!

Woke up at 6am today due to the jetlag and got super hungry so dragged Karthik out to tapau nasi lemak ❤️

He's so cute, keeps smiling with me next to him cos he wants to show everyone that he's not alone anymore haha. Previously he'd go to the mamak and eat alone, or buy stuff in the store by himself, so now the guards and mamak guys and storekeepers know we didn't get separated or anything and that I'm back lol

Selfie before my 18 hour flight yesterday! Cos have to stop in Doha also. Btw I just got a new eyebrow pencil and love it so much! It's the NYX micro brow and it's almost an exact Anastasia dupe 😘

Wah this new 787 is awesome. Got tedtalks and everything looks super high tech

The new windows are amazing! The control panel is touchscreen and has 5 options on how tinted you want your window to be. This is level 2 I think

Even darker..

The darkest!

It also automatically goes back to level 1 during take off and landing! Canggih man

Yesssss so good!
Char siew at Annie, damansara uptown

My fav thing to eat at the hawker's: hakka Mee!

Uptown Chee cheong fun tonight of course!

My post about coming home is all about food hahaha. No wefie of husband and I cos forgot to take amidst all the eating lol, will take tomorrow! He took leave today to teman me at home (which is such a rarity for someone who works 18-20 hours a day) but has to go back to work tomorrow already.

Issokay I shall be a good student and start my 2nd paper too 🤓

Day 102

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2017

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xiaofeimei123 (avatar)

xiaofeimei123 Your hubby is so cute, I'm sure he's super happy you're home ☺️

1 year ago

growingwiththetans (avatar)

growingwiththetans I'm so happy for you guys! Lots of wefies please!

1 year ago

mandy (avatar)

mandy Welcome back!

1 year ago

MajorTom (avatar)

MajorTom Welcome back!

1 year ago

Purpur (avatar)

Purpur yesss pls show us a super duper sweet wefie already! The reflection on the tv doesn't count hor.

1 year ago

suzmellisa (avatar)

suzmellisa Welcome home!! Hahaha your husband is so funny!

1 year ago

willyyilly (avatar)

willyyilly wow what airline is that?!

1 year ago

ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi I also love the window shades controller on 787! I feel 787 is a really nice aircraft

1 year ago

lingaling (avatar)

lingaling Hope you had a good flight with Qatar Airways! 😬

1 year ago

sweatlee (avatar)

sweatlee @xiaofeimei123 @growingwiththetans @mandy @MajorTom @suzmellisa @lingaling thanks guys I'm really happy to be back too!

@willyyilly Qatar!

@Purpur haha I didn't even realize can see reflection! lucky we weren't naked lololol

@ichigomochi yeahhh super nice!!

1 year ago

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