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updated 1 year ago

Bye bye Malaysia (&husband), again

All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go..

😭😭😭😭 Sad day again.

This time we're gonna be separated for 4 months, the longest of the LDR. But because we're more used to it now and we know I'll be coming home for good after, it's slightly easier I guess 😢

(Btw all the baby clothes and breastfeeding stuff are for my sis @sharoncannon , not me hahah)

Watching The Handmaid's Tale now and it's damn good seriously, much better than I'd expected a TV series adapted from a book would be.

The standards for shows keep getting higher, even Big Little Lies was so well produced (read the book and watch the show, both really good!! Can't believe they got Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman to be in it)

The post its are notes I wrote to Karthik and hid in different parts of the house when I left the last time! He found all and stuck them there 😍

Second last meal in Malaysia! Tonight I've already chosen Jap food for dinner hehe

LOL this Karthik was testing out the lens blur feature on his phone and sneakily took a pic of me, then I glanced over to see what he was doing and he got this shot of me. Then told me "this angry face is what I have to deal with everyday" hahahha

Funny because I wasn't angry and this is merely my resting bitch face 😑😑😑 but really look super angry/annoyed!

Seriously I'm like "see what see" with jelingan tajam and lan ci lan yeong face #muhibbahface wtf

Made him take another pic so he doesn't scroll through his pics and only see angry Suet as memories of his beloved wife haha

I have the worst candid face in the world. Always angry or got triple chin 😑 I guess everyone has flaws after all wtf

Miniso stocked up on my favourite bear but now there's a bigger version too! So cute I wanna buy all but how to fit into my suitcase 😩


Had durian as my last meal in KL and it cost us RM47 each???!!?!?!?
We only had two durians amongst the 4 of us and it came up to be rm186. It's this place in Ss2 called durian Ss2, next to the d king durian we normally go to.

Sigh I chose this over a potentially good Japanese dinner now regret big time. The durians weren't even great lor maybe cos it's raining season too?

Went to see Amelia one last time and she hugged me and cried very pitifully cos I'm leaving again 😭😭😭 then she said she wanted to give me presents and gave me all her drawings.

This is one of bunnies having a birthday party lol. Gonna miss this girl so much! Haven't seen her in 7 months and she grew so much already so quickly. Maybe also cos now she has to take care of her twin sisters.

Final final meal before I leave Malaysia this time! Our favourite teluk intan Chee cheong fun that my mom got for us yesterday. It's the best!!!!

Wah I really ate so much in the last three weeks, the best this country has to offer already. No wonder both Karthik and I gained so much weight together hahaha #marriedcoupledilemma always makan saja

Day 121

Monday, 1 May 2017

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acidburn711 (avatar)

acidburn711 is it miniso or yubiso? the former in sg, the latter in my. Unless there are both miniso n yubiso?

1 year ago

LookingForward (avatar)

LookingForward miniso already arrived in msia

1 year ago

acidburn711 (avatar)

acidburn711 @LookingForward ah no wonder! where did u see miniso btw?

1 year ago

misssunshine (avatar)

misssunshine Eh I bought one durian over the weekend and it was 50!! One kg=$25! And I finished it all by myself 😋

1 year ago

heydiary (avatar)

heydiary I'm gonna miss your posts from home so much!

1 year ago

LookingForward (avatar)

LookingForward @acidburn711 ..the last I saw was at vellocity KL

1 year ago

jingwenjacelyn (avatar)

jingwenjacelyn @acidburn711 if not mistaken, ioi city mall (putrajaya) got miniso...

1 year ago

adelinequek (avatar)

adelinequek @acidburn711 there's a miniso at nu sentral

1 year ago

carynng (avatar)

carynng I bought two 🐻 (him and her) from miniso too! Too adorable..

1 year ago

ooichenie (avatar)

ooichenie Thanks for sharing what you've been watching/reading! I've got new books to read thanks to you :)

1 year ago

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