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wedding planning?? 😱

Hello everyone!

Sorry I know it's old news, but thank you all again for the kind comments and for reading my LONG post! I don't know how @fourfeetnine and @fightertiah handle the many likes and comments, I was super shocked!

Die die still want to bask in the attention and glory hahaha once in my lifetime ma

Anyway here's my attempt to be healthy last night. Salad with dragon fruit, feta cheese, cranberries with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. I wasn't quite sure how it'll taste but

It was super good!!!

Got hungry after 30 mins so went to eat normal dinner after. Failed diet 😒

I have one year to lose weight before my wedding!

Actually don't know if it's one year la, we haven't thought much about the wedding yet. Too much to deal with in such a short time span hahah. Do people think about it immediately??

Yesterday we attempted to discuss about the wedding and gave up cos there are too many considerations 😰

1. Ceremony in the temple

So I've never been to an Indian wedding before (he hasn't been to one in a really long time too so we don't actually have any clue about this).

All I know is there's fire and we have to walk around it 7 times to signify our love for each other and how it'll last for 7 eternities.


So this is a must just for the cool factor. I know there are other stuff like reading mantras, priest, tying strings etc

2. Tea ceremony

This is the Chinese "jip sam leong" (pick bride), the hengtai games and the tea ceremony.

Honestly I really don't want to do this. I dunno why but I think it takes too much time and I personally don't like the games in the morning. Too much work and looks stressful hahah

Apparently Karthik said my mom said must do this, so since he agreed to it just so he can propose to me, so I guess we have to do it 😩

3. Walking down the aisle

This is not a must since it's more western, but I like it! Can walk down aisle and see people weeping in joy, can read vows and weep somemore, can kiss under the beautiful arch wrapped with flowers, can have our fav songs playing etc

4. Wedding dinner

This is the only thing I actually care about actually. A dinner with our loved ones to celebrate the moment.

We both want it to be small (<150 people) but we did a preliminary headcount and it's way more than that already. This is if we limit the number of relatives somemore but he said with Indian can't really do invite one person they'll bring EVERYONE they know. stress!

And I said no to chinese dinners. So how?

So this is why we gave up and said we'll revisit this again at another time.

Oh and need to find a suitable date according to BOTH chinese and Indian calendars! And check with the venue see got availability or not!

Wahhh now writing it all out I also feel so panicky. Lucky I'm waiting for my passport so it's not like I'm doing anything haha

#weddingplanning #ornot #maybenever

How was your wedding planning like?

Cooked homecooked dinner at home!
Hahaha who am I kidding, siao ah so many dishes. It's at this nearby restaurant that serves "homecooked" dishes. Ah ma, I shall never take your food for granted again 😭 now I crave for ah ma's food every night.

After the proposal post, a lot of my friends and colleagues started reading my dayre and that scares me!
Firstly they probably thought my dayre posts are all super exciting but now they'll see how much it's all just about what I eat everyday lol *yawns

Secondly, now they'll know so much about my life that I never really share about! How much I talk about my failed diet on a daily basis, how lame I am sometimes, how self-indulgent I can be hahaha 😌

It's different when you're writing to an audience who doesn't know you in real life as opposed to people who see you daily. It's as embarrassing as your mom reading your diary wtf (which I have very vivid memories of...)


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Tuesday, 28 Apr 2015

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geeitsangela (avatar)

geeitsangela Congrats! And man those dragonfruits look good...the ones I've had here in the U.S. are practically tasteless...

3 years ago

msbulat (avatar)

msbulat Indian wedding dinner? 😁 I went to one, very fun!

3 years ago

fumblingforkeys (avatar)

fumblingforkeys My parents did an Indian, Chinese and Western style wedding... All in one day! My mum said it was madness, but I'm sure it was extremely memorable. Wishing you all the best with wedding planning!

3 years ago

allycontrary (avatar)

allycontrary Welcome to the wedding planning club 😏 you're soooo going to enjoy this wtf

3 years ago

islandgirl (avatar)

islandgirl hahahaha now that I read yours, mine is so much simpler already!!!! I am having church wedding and then dinner after that. For jip san leong I am not playing any games because we personally don't like it but will still come and jip before we go to church n walk down the aisle. Yours sounds like it's gonna be a week long celebration!! I also had 1 year to lose. In the end didn't lose pun. T.T damn sad. Nvm la. He has to love me, my fats and all. Poor fiancé.

3 years ago

kochimochi (avatar)

kochimochi we talk about it like 3 months after the proposal cos we said we want to indulge in the sweetness of the proposal first till both parents can't tahan and kept asking us to pick a date. But tbh, a lot of compromising during the planning cos it's a marriage of 2 person but wedding day of 2 families LOL

3 years ago

pooiee (avatar)

pooiee I just had my wedding in December last year. For a start, maybe you can try but you need to request for password as more detailed posts are password protected. It helped me alot when i was still in the preliminary of the planning stage. Hope this helps :)

3 years ago

higarethdavies (avatar)

higarethdavies Pay a wedding planner.. Hahaha

3 years ago

LoveLaughLive (avatar)

LoveLaughLive Wedding planning is quite overwhelming ho when you start thinking about it?! I'm also in my initial stage of planning mine but then kinda put it aside already now cos it's difficult to satisfy everyone so need to think of the best way to compromise in every way. Dunno if I put this correctly. But anyways in the meantime, you should enjoy the moments of being engaged! Congratulations once again!! So happy for you 😃

3 years ago

jomelchaton (avatar)

jomelchaton What I did to avoid the crowding issue was that I split up the guests. I had a lunch after the registry for colleagues and associates. The wedding dinner is strictly immediate family and close friends. If you are going to do an Indian ceremony and a Chinese one, very possible to split the guests.

3 years ago

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